Recruitment training programs – a path to your new career

New job or new skills? What if you chose both.

Looking for a new career?

In the middle of job hunting and career considerations, many questions may come to mind. Should I look for a new job? Should I gain more skills? Or should I perhaps head to a completely new field? The choice can naturally be difficult.

However, it is possible to achieve your work and career dreams with fewer compromises - with the help of recruitment training program.

Through a recruitment training program, you can quickly and efficiently combine new work tasks and new expert knowledge into one package, regardless of the stage of your career. In addition to the job, you are aiming for, you can also invest in your own skills in the longer term and actively influence what your next role could look like.

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IT, Teknologia & Pelinkehitys — Kanta-Häme , Päijät-Häme

Developer Academy - Häme

Application deadline: 9.10.2023 More info
IT, Teknologia & Pelinkehitys — Itä-Suomi

Developer Academy - Pohjois-Karjala

Application deadline: 16.10.2023 More info

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Developer Academy - Häme

IT, Teknologia & Pelinkehitys — Kanta-Häme — Hakuaika päättyy 9.10.2023

Dive into code and start a new job in the software industry

Are you interested in coding? Do you get fuel for your work from versatile problem-solving tasks? Would you like to deepen your skills and head for a new job in the software industry? 

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Laura Hovi

Project Specialist

040 673 6381

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Developer Academy - Pohjois-Karjala

IT, Teknologia & Pelinkehitys — Itä-Suomi — Hakuaika päättyy 16.10.2023

Dive into code and start a new job in the software industry

Are you interested in coding? Do you get fuel for your work from versatile problem-solving tasks? Would you like to deepen your skills and head for a new job in the software industry? 

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Laura Hovi

Project Specialist

040 673 6381

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The many benefits of recruitment training program


Quick promotion to a new job

Recruiting training is on-the-job training where the main goal is to employ you in our partner company at the end of the 4–6-month long program.

The program combines on-the-job learning and expert training, thanks to which you can quickly catch up on new tasks and increase your expertise in a practical way.


You will find the job that looks like you

Programs are implemented in several different fields and the career opportunities are in line with it. Open roles vary by degree program, and job opportunities are available for newly graduated students, more experienced experts and those who are changing fields.
Our goal is to find a role that best supports your background, interests, and career development among our many partner companies.


You get the most up-to-date expertise in the field

During the program, you will receive high-quality training from industry leaders and you will be able to increase your competence in the skills that employers are competing for now and in the future.

The trainings are free of charge for the participants. Their monetary value can be up to tens of thousands. The partners of our training programs are companies like Google, Microsoft and Salesforce.


We make the job search a little easier

Saranen's skills profile, which you fill in with your application, serves as your CV to all partner companies in the program, and you don't have to apply to each position separately. This is how you reduce the number of job searches and the number of applications.

Our job at Saranen is to support you during the entire application process and search for job opportunities that best suit your profile. In practice, you can make us your own job search agent!

What is it like to participate in a recruiting training program


Due to my long career break, I needed to follow a guided path to get acquainted with the latest trends and technology in the tech industry. The technical training in the program provided the right mix of theoretical and practical learning, which was exactly what I needed

Shikha Varshney

Project Manager, Surveypal


All in all, the training was really good. I was most surprised by how big an impact just one day of training can have on your own skills. Especially the basics of Python training stuck with me and it has been very useful later. Even though I had used a programming language before, I got a surprising amount of new knowledge for my work from the training. All and all my skills have improved dramatically since the training period.

Janne Blom

Software Test Engineer, Etteplan


I started researching the Digital Marketing Bootcamp in more detail and was very convinced of its content. I am a self-taught marketer, so there was a need to develop digital marketing skills for me to continue working in the marketing field.

Camilla Tauro

Digital Content Specialist, WDS


Thanks to the recruiting training program, I learned to articulate my own skills better and found a job in a new company!

Johanna Isojärvi

Taloushallinnon palveluasiantuntija, Monetra


I got to Dagmar through Sarasen's DigiExpert program. It is a program that is always prepared according to the personal goals of the participant. It utilizes Saranen's extensive training offering. I mainly participated in the training days of the eCommercePro program and learned a lot there.

Petri Hänninen

Digital Planner, Dagmar


To Whom?


Recruitment training programs are labour market trainings aimed at jobseekers who are unemployed, at risk of unemployment or in a fixed-term employment relationship that will soon end.


What does the application process look like?

At Saranen, you get individual support from the beginning of the recruitment process in the form of guidance and coaching. The earlier in the application period you apply to the training program, the better we can help you achieve your career goals.

1. Application for TE services & Sarasen's competence profile

Applying to the programs consists of both TE's application and Sarasen's skills profile. Your eligibility to participate will first be determined in TE services. Sarasen's competence profile, on the other hand, will serve as your CV for companies recruiting for the program.


2. Processing of applications & Sarasen's interview

After TE's application has been processed and pre-selected, we will invite you to an interview with us. In our meeting, you will be able to tell more about your personality and skills, as well as reveal in more detail what kind of tasks you would like to aim for through the program. We will be in touch with all applicants who have progressed through TE's pre-selection at the latest after the application period has ended.


3. Presenting candidates to partner companies

When we have gotten to know you in more detail, we will start looking for positions that suit your personality, skills and career goals among the partner companies of the program. So we act as your job search agent! If you want to find a company for yourself, or you already have one in mind, you can also apply for a company position yourself in the F.E.C trainings. 


4. Company interviews & selections

We offer and arrange times for you to interview the partner company. In the interview, you get to learn more about the offered job description and career opportunities with the managers and/or colleagues of the recruiting company. The final selection decision for the program is made by the recruiting company.


5. Training program & on-the-job learning

After the selections, we conclude a training contract between you and the company for the duration of the program. Through the 4-6 month long training program, you get direct access to practical work tasks and at the same time you get to grow your own skills through expert training (about 25-30% of the duration of the program). As a result, you will get to know the work community and the final tasks in advance and you will find the right tools to succeed in your future role.


6. Recruiting for a cooperative company

The purpose of the training is to get you a new job contract. This can happen at the end of the program, or even during the program. In addition to the job you are aiming for, you will also invest in your own skills in the longer term and increase your expertise in the skills that employers are competing for. More than 80% of the participants are recruited into a new role at the end of the program.


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