Recruitment training programs for companies

Recruit employees with the latest skills in your field of expertise.

Are you looking for fresh talent for your company? We grow them here.

Our recruitment training program works a little bit differently than a traditional recruitment service: we train experts to join your organization and ensure that they have the latest know-how in your field of expertise.

Your experts can be trained in our ready-made programs, or we can tailor a training package based on your needs.

For the company, the recruitment process is effortless: after mapping your needs, we take care of practical arrangements, from recruitment marketing to pre-interviews, and introduce you to the candidates with the highest potential. The duration of the training program is about 4-6 months.

Take a look at our ready-made programs and tell us which field expert you want to have in your organization!

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Easy and flexible recruitment


Get the latest know-how for your company

Due to the labor market situation, there is shortage of experts in several fields. Our high-quality partners train the applicant to be one.


Quick, effortless and risk-free recruitment

We take care of the initial recruitment evaluations, pre-selection and paperwork - you save time and energy for the essentials. You will only commit to the program when we find a candidate you like.


Unhurried decisions on employment contracts

The company and the creator get to know each other in peace during the training program. Making the final recruitment decision becomes easier.


Adaptable and cost-effective recruitment

The training programs are flexible and you can recruit one or more experts easily and cost-effectively through the training program.

Skilled specialists cost-effectively where the shortage is greatest

We operate all over Finland. Through us, you can train a new expert in your company, whether you are in Helsinki or somewhere in Lapland.

Recruitment training programs are produced in cooperation with employment services and ELY Centres, training, program and business partners.

Thanks to the support received from ELY Centres, finding new talent through the training program is cost-effective.




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Make recruitment easier – here is how it works



1. Defining the company's needs

At first, our project team maps the needs of your company. We want to find just the right person for the required role and for that we make sure to have good joint discussion with you before we start our search.


2. Recruitment marketing

We reach job seekers who are interested in the field and belong to the target group with the help of our marketing team. In our recruitment marketing strategy, we utilize various channels so we can reach all the potential candidates.


3. Review of applications and pre-interviews

Our recruitment experts review all the received applications and interviews job seekers. By going through job applications and getting to know the applicants, we get to know which of them would suit your company.

4. Presentation and selection of the applicants

We select 3-5 applicants, which we present to you. You can decide who or which of them you interview. You meet the most suitable candidates and choose the one that best suits your company.


5. Training Contract

If a suitable candidate is found, we conclude a 4-6 month training contract with the selected applicant. Our project team takes care of all the related paperwork. The company can now wait for the program to start.


6. Training a new expert in his role

During the training program, the selected candidate works full-time in your company and at the same time participates in the expert trainings we organize (approx. 20-30% of the program time). The applicant gets the opportunity to place all their learnings into practice right away. Top experts in the field act as trainers.

7. Employment contract at the end of the training program

When induction and mentoring are handled well, the applicant has an excellent opportunity to develop into the role that fits the standards based on the description handed out by the hiring company. The goal is that after the training program the applicant has grown into his role and the company can hire him.

We find the most motivated people


training programs every year


companies recruiting every year

80 %

of matched candidates sign up for a contract of employment

For example, these companies have found new talents through recruitment training programs


Success stories


The recruitment training program has served our needs very well in those situations when we have known that we need a skilled person, but we have not necessarily known exactly what the final role of the skilled person would be. In these situations, we don't expect to find a ready-made package, but we want to find a competent person among us, whose skills we can complement with a certain kind of training.

Antti Moilanen

Director, QuietOn


Recruitment training programs are a great concept for busy companies, where there is no time to do the actual training and recruiting already competent employees is expensive or difficult to find. We take care of the orientation to the work, and Saranen takes care of more detailed training for the student.

Anu Parantainen

Kehittämispäällikkö, Turun kaupunki


For us, the recruiting training program is one recruitment channel among others. Through the program, we have gained new employees with a very diverse and rich working life background.

Jussi Kauppi

CEO, Monetra Oulu


Looking for a whole team of specialists?

Depending on your company's growth goals, you can easily and cost-effectively recruit one or more specialists for your company through the training program. If you need experts in the same subject area more than ten people at a time, we can also tailor your own company-specific training program for your company.

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