Recruitment training programs for companies

Recruit employees with the latest know-how in your field of expertise.

Are you looking for fresh talent for your company? We grow them here.

Growing companies need fresh know-how. 

Our recruitment training program delivers it differently than a traditional recruitment service: we train experts to join your organization and ensure that they have the latest know-how in your field of expertise.

Your experts can be trained in our ready-made programs or we can tailor a training package based on your needs.

For the company, the recruitment process is effortless: after mapping your needs, we take care of practical arrangements, from recruitment marketing to pre-interviews, and introduce you to the candidates with the highest potential. The duration of the training program is about 6 months.

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The latest know-how for your industry

Our premium partners will train your candidates so that they become experts in your field of expertise.

Easy and prompt recruitment

We handle preliminary evaluations for recruitment, preselection, and all of the paperwork – thus saving you a lot of time and energy.

Unhurried decisions on employment contracts

Before making a final hiring decision, you and the applicant will ensure, through practical work, that you are suitable for one another.

Starting training programs

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Salesforce Academy

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Salesforce Academy

IT, Teknologia & Pelinkehitys — Uusimaa — Hakuaika päättyy

Recruit new Salesforce talents to boost your CRM operations

Are you looking for a new talent to join your team of Salesforce experts and consultants? Do you want to get more out of Salesforce and use your resources more effectively? Salesforce Academy offers you a convenient and hassle-free opportunity to recruit your next Salesforce talent. Now is the perfect time to plan your future and boost your business!

Great tech works best with skilled professionals - especially in CRM. New, up-to-date professional skills are ever more emphasized in today’s rapidly evolving markets and finding the right kind of experts to do the job can be sometimes challenging. Salesforce Academy training program tackles this challenge by providing you a channel to find your future talent, with the exact set of skills your company is searching for.

Interested? Contact us by telling about your recruitment needs. Let’s figure out together how we can boost your business!

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Our process, in a nutshell

Defining your organization’s needs

Applicant marketing

Reviewing the applications and running pre-interviews

Presenting and selecting candidates

Establishing the training agreement

Employment contract at the end of the training program

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