18.01.2019 — Rekrytoiva koulutusohjelma

AnalyticsPro osallistujakokemus: Aleksandra Maslowska-Jokinen

Saranen Consulting

The recruitment process consists of three steps: filling the application (writing CV, describing yourself and skills you have), a phone call talk and a group meeting with Saranen staff, an interview with representatives from the company where the training would take place. The training sessions opened my eyes towards direction which the whole world is going to: new data storage technology, innovative analytical tools and methods, forward looking technologies of AI and machine learning. Training represented a concise introduction to a variety of issues and became a road-map for my further deeper learning. Certain ideas remained just as a flash of information, which could some day be beneficial, other became the major tool in my further internship and work in the company.

For open-minded people, willing to learn and hardworking

I recommend this program for open-minded people, willing to learn and hardworking. There were moments during my training when I realized that I did not understand much of what was being said. The willingness to accept new knowledge and understanding that it was a moment when I was shaping my future, led me forward and kept me searching for additional information.

Two outstanding elements of the program:

  1. Teachers, well selected - professionalists who knew their subjects.
  2. My colleagues, with various backgrounds, who were not afraid to ask questions, which resulted in interesting discussions. In addition, they also shared their unique knowledge with the rest of us.

About my background

I spent 12 years as an academic teacher and a researcher. Analytical skills, readiness to discover and implement new techniques and theories, which drove my work at the university became core abilities used later during the AnalyticsPro training. This is also the character of my work  as a Data Scientist - be able to understand and analyze data; derive crucial information from the lake of information stored in the data base; be forward - looking, that is anticipate change.

Aleksandra Maslowska-Jokinen
Economist/Data Scientist
Lowell Suomi Oy