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Code Academy recruitment training program

Interested in a career in software development and coding?

Code Academy is a recruitment training program organized by Saranen Consulting along with Pirkanmaa’s TE-office and ELY-office. The program has already been held three times before in Tampere with excellent results. Through the previous programs dozens of people have already found their dream jobs in the software development industry! The application period for the 4th program begins in January 2019.

The aim of the Code Academy program is to find 12 new talents to work with various coding positions. The training days will be held in English. Thus, Finnish language is not a necessity, but a plus for many recruiting companies.

Kickstart your coding career

The Finnish software development industry has seen a long period of growth and there is no end in sight. The industry faces a constant lack of professionals and e.g. The Finnish Software and E-business Association has estimated that there is a significant need to find new talents for the industry.

You can find an up-to-date listing of recruiting companies and roles on this site. Please note, that not all talent-seeking companies are listed on the site. It is also possible to utilize your own connections in finding a company for the program!

A unique opportunity for a dream job

Code Academy aims to enable your development to interesting and challenging software development tasks. The duration of the program is six months starting in March 2019 and ending in September 2019. The program combines both on-the-job learning and trainings held by industry veterans. The aim of the program is an employment contract in the company.

Roles and training days handle e.g. the following topics:

  • Software Development (Front End and Back End)
  • Proramming Languages: Javascript, React, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, REST, Angular etc
  • Databases
  • DevOps (Git, Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, JIRA, Robot Framework)
  • Cloud Services (Azure and AWS)
  • Web Development
  • UI / UX

What are the requirements? Can I apply?

Different tasks and companies have very different requirements. Software development requires you to have background in programming, IT and other related fields. Also, a relevant degree is preferred but not necessary. Own previous projects or relevant online trainings (MOOC’s and such) are a big plus. If you have a portfolio (e.g. Github) of your work available, please include a link in your application.

You can apply if you are unemployed, recently graduated, under the threat of being laid off, temporarily laid off or in a job not related to your education.

Training contract

A training contract is signed for the period of the program (March 2019 – September 2019). During the 6-month program, you will work in the company in real projects and the normal company policies apply to you as well. During the program, you are entitled to a normal unemployment benefit as well as a tax-free maintenance benefit.

How can I apply?

Submit your application via this link. In addition, you need to fill in an application through the following link as well: (search for Code Academy – training number / koulutusnumero 683820). Application period ends on February 4, 2019. However, candidate interviews and selections will begin already during the application period, so be sure to apply as soon as possible!

Should you have any questions, please find the enclosed contact information and contact Samuel or Antti.

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