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Recruiting companies

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Black Block

Black Block is a small group of games industry veterans on a mission to bring massive, persistent open worlds to mobile. This is a chance to come in at the ground level and join us on a wild adventure to make the world a better place.

We’re looking for flexible, ambitious, self-motivated people. Games industry experience is less important than the right kind of skills and attitude.

We’re interested in finding candidates for the following roles:
• Client Programmer
• Server Programmer
• 3D Artist


Bugbear Entertainment Ltd. is an award-winning Finnish game developer focusing on action driving games. Currenlty we are working on ’Wreckfest’ for PS4, XBOX One and PC.

Dazzle Rocks

Dazzle Rocks is a mobile games startup building the future of MMO’s.

We are working on an ambitious social game for East/West markets. The game universe
is based on our own IP, 7 Legends. The narrative will continue over several games, all of
which have multiplayer, real-time gameplay in competitive and collaborative modes.

Dazzle Rocks was founded in 2015 and is based in the Punavuori, Helsinki. Our culture is
multinational, ambitious and highly cross-discipline. We want to push the boundaries of
existing genre definitions in all areas of art and technology.

We have recently soft-launched our first game and now is a great opportunity to join
our talented team in Helsinki.

Through the GamePro program, we are interested in looking at candidates to the following roles:

  • 2D Artist
  • Unity Developer
  • QA
  • Data Scientist


At Dodreams we make games that bring players, friends and family together for shared digital adventures.

With roots built on local multiplayer games, our mission is to always bring you joy and that tasty competitive thrill in anything we create, be it online multiplayers or gameplay videos.

The perfect combination of competitive skill and outrageous fun, our titles bring entertainment, delight and shrieks of laughter to gamers and non-gamers alike!

We grew up playing skill-based games, so a love for the challenges and rewards that come from truly mastering a game is deep in our DNA. We want our players feel proud of their achievements, and to revel in them in their communities.

We believe in a data driven game development process, with rapid execution. To us, making games is team work at its purest. It’s where tech, art, design and business come together in perfect harmony. Sometimes it’s as beautiful as a symphony, other times it’s as noisy and raw as heavy metal. Can you hear it?

Through the GamePro program, we are interested in looking at candidates to the following roles:

  • Server Developer
  • Data Engineer
  • Producer


We have a track record of 20+ years of developing critically acclaimed games with tight gameplay, impeccable audiovisual execution, and technical excellence. No matter the genre, we want you to continue this tradition. It’s the perfect workplace for talented people with interest in self-development and a big passion for games.

Through the GamePro programme, we are looking for:

  • Game Programmer
  • 3D Artist
  • Level Designer


Frogmind is a Helsinki based game studio founded in 2012 and operating in a long-term partnership with Supercell. Frogmind’s first two games BADLAND and BADLAND 2 have won several awards such as the Apple Design Award, Apple iPad Game of the Year and IMGA Grand Prix and have been downloaded over 60 million times. Currently Frogmind is developing three new games with small and experienced teams. Frogmind games are beautiful, uniquely creative and focus on awesome gameplay.

Frogmind on vuonna 2012 perustettu helsinkiläinen pelistudio, joka toimii pitkäaikaisessa yhteistyössä Supercellin kanssa. Frogmindin kaksi ensimmäistä peliä BADLAND ja BADLAND 2 ovat voittaneet useita palkintoja, kuten Apple Design Award, vuoden Apple iPad peli ja IMGA Grand Prix. Frogmindin pelejä on ladattu yli 65 miljoonaa kertaa. Tällä hetkellä Frogmind kehittää kolmea uutta peliä pienillä ja kokeneilla tuotantotiimeillä. Frogmindin pelit ovat kauniita, ainutlaatuisia ja keskittyvät mahtavaan pelattavuuteen.

Through the GamePro program, we are looking for:

  • Programmer
  • Customer Support


At Futureplay, we’re a bunch of free-spirited, accomplished pros who believe in playfulness and fast shipping. We started our mobile gaming company in 2015 and have already successfully launched five games worldwide. And there are plenty more to come.

Through the GamePro program, we are interested in looking at candidates to the following role:

  • Game Programmer


We are here to do what we love: Create awesome mobile games that entice and engage players and rock the charts. For this we rely on our 15 years of game development experience and our partnerships with top tier game publishers.

We do work-for-hire projects but also co-productions like Bike Unchained 2 with Red Bull.

Our culture is based on sharing common goals, self-management over bureaucracy and valuing our developers.

Through the GamePro program, we are interested in looking at candidates to the following roles:

  • Game Designer
  • Game Producer
  • Backend / Full-stack Developer
  • Junior Programmer


Motorious Entertainment is a mobile gaming startup with focus on leveraging brands to create world class mobile games. We’ve already released a game based on the BBC show Top Gear and are working on other upcoming exiting titles. Our location within the Helsinki Games Factory guarantees, that you’ll be right where the action is!

Through the GamePro program, we are looking for candidates to the following roles:

  • Game Programmer
  • Game Artist

Platonic Partnership

Platonic Partnership Oy is an award-winning, vigorous game studio from Vaasa, Finland. We develop action-adventure games. Empathy is in our company’s DNA.

Through the GamePro program, we are interested in looking at candidates to the following roles:

  • Game programmer
  • 2D Artist / Animator


PlayStack Helsinki is a game development studio working on a revolutionary game! We’re a subsidiary of the PlayStack group which provides publishing and funding services for game developers and has offices in addition in London and Krakow.

Join our world class development team right in the center of Helsinki!

Through the GamePro program, we are interested in looking at candidates to the following roles:

  • Back-end Developer

Polka Dot Studio

Polka Dot Studio is mobile games studio that blends women’s fashion with mobile games.  Our first title, Fashion Stylist, is like Instagram made into a game: the same addictive and social experience as Instagram, but with robust free-to-play economy.

We are a diverse and passionate team. We are interested in following candidates to join our team:

  • Game Designer
  • 2D Artist


Ubisoft RedLynx  is a multiplatform game development studio located in Helsinki. Along with the hugely popular Trials series, we have developed and published more than 100 games. We are a passionate team of over 140 people of 21 different nationalities. Founded in 2000, we are one of the oldest and biggest game studios in Finland.

Since 2011 RedLynx has been part of Ubisoft, the 3rd biggest independent publisher in the world with over 16,000 team members, who work hand-in-hand to deliver rich and innovative gaming experiences. At RedLynx we cherish the spirit of innovation and experimentation, and we are proud to have the support and trust from Ubisoft to push for new practices and solutions that may be used by other studios worldwide.

Through the GamePro program, we are looking for candidates to the following roles:

  • Studio Production Coordinator

Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment Plc is a globally successful console and PC game company founded in 1995 and based in Espoo, Finland. We’re known for cinematic blockbuster action games such as Quantum Break, Alan Wake and Max Payne, which break media boundaries and push the envelope of 3D character technology, storytelling and visual effects. Remedy is currently working on supernatural action-adventure game Control, which launches August 27th 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Through the GamePro program, we are interested in looking at candidates to the following roles:

  • Assistant Producer
  • Assistant System Designer



Sampo Games

Sampo Games is a games consulting company with senior crew. Our 4 consultants have on average 17 years of professional experience, which we are sharing with several key games customers.

Through the GamePro program, we are interested in looking at candidates to the following roles:

  • Marketing/Sales Specialist

Superplus Games

Superplus Games is a mobile gaming startup currently working on a hit game Hills of Steel and preparing to start new game projects, maybe with you?

We promise that if your attitude towards game development is in-place, we’ll make sure you’ll have a nice team to work with, cozy office in Kansakoulukatu close to city center services and an environment that actively shares knowledge and skills making sure after the training period – you’ll learn all relevant skills in developing and shipping a successful mobile game.

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