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Microsoft Azure Academy F.E.C.

Take your skills to the clouds and find a job that suits you in the Microsoft Azure Academy recruiting training program

Take your skills to the clouds and accelerate into a new career

Do you enjoy problem solving? Are you excited about cloud services and the opportunity to work on IT projects and cloud-based innovations? Through us, you get the opportunity to take your skills to the clouds and find a unique job with Azure.

Through the Microsoft Academies we have implemented, almost 400 people have already found a new job in cloud solutions. The employment rate for the positions of our previous similar implementation was 100%. Are you next one?

Read more about the program in Finnish here.

New job or new skills? Why not choose both?

There is a great demand for new cloud service experts, as more and more companies switch from on-premise technologies to using cloud technologies. The popularity of Microsoft Azure-based solutions is especially on the rise, and if you find the mention of "Azure" on your CV, you are currently an extremely sought-after expert.

Through the now implemented Microsoft Azure Academy, you have the opportunity to accelerate your career and grow into a sought-after expert. However, you don't have to be a ready-made expert at the application stage – we'll help you grow into your new role! Through the program that is starting now, opportunities are available, for example:



For new experts and industry changers

Are you enthusiastic about cloud services, problem solving and technical solutions and are you looking for a way to utilize your skills in a new field? The program opens many doors to a variety of junior-level IT roles as well as service desk and IT support roles.



For recent graduates and emerging talents

Are you a systematic and motivated rising star who is not afraid to develop further? Jump into jobs where you can make even better use of your educational experience in the IT field or another applicable degree. If your direction is to pursue a job in e.g. system development, database or consultative expert positions, we definitely want to hear more from you!



For those who already have experience in similar tasks

Are you a person with work experience in the IT field and want to increase your expertise with Azure? Are you interested in system integrations, software development or the use of artificial intelligence? Your experience e.g. Python, R, SQL tasks, or other cloud-based platforms is highly regarded.


The recruitment of new experts takes place through the Microsoft Azure Academy F.E.C recruiting training program. During the six-month long program, you will be able to utilize your strengths in your new tasks and at the same time deepen your expertise under the guidance of industry leaders.

The program is organized in cooperation with ELY Center, TE services, Saranen, Microsoft and recruiting companies. Saranen is responsible for the implementation of the training and pre-interviews of applicants. You can apply to the training program if you are currently an unemployed job seeker or under the threat of unemployment and your job application in TE services or local government pilot is valid.

Contact us


Emilia Ryynänen

Project Specialist
044 460 2340

Do you have any questions about the program, open roles or the content of the training? Contact us, we are happy to help!

Your biggest assets as an applicant

Your analytical and solution-oriented mindset


You approach tasks with an analytical and solution-oriented attitude and you don't panic if you don't get to a solution in one go. So, you don't always have to be right from the get-go, not even every time.

Your passion for growing your skills


Curiosity about new topics, technologies and ways of working, as well as enthusiasm for growing your own skills, are of the greatest value, whatever your background.

Your interest in cloud service and Azure


You adopt new systems and technical tasks with ease. In addition, we will be happy if you are interested in learning more about e.g. machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The many benefits of Microsoft Azure Academy

Boost your skills and start a new job

New job or new skills? What if you could choose both?

The Microsoft Azure Academy F.E.C (Further Educated with Companies) recruiting training program is more than just training, as it effectively combines new job tasks and expert training in one package. During the six-month period, you will get to know the work community and the final tasks in advance and you will find the right tools to succeed in your future role. In addition to the job you are aiming for, you will also invest in your own skills in the longer term and increase your expertise in the skills that employers are competing for. The most important goal of the training is to employ you in our cooperation company at the end of the 6-month long program.

Työsopimus-uusi työ
Find a position that suits you

In which direction would you like to take your career?

The program offers you the opportunity to actively influence the direction of your career and what your next role could look like. Curiosity about new topics and technologies, as well as enthusiasm for developing your own professional skills, are your biggest assets, whether you are a creator at the beginning of your career or an already experienced expert. So you don't necessarily need to be a ready-made expert at the application stage - we will help you grow during the program for your new role!

There are several open roles and at different levels, and the final tasks can be modified as far as possible according to the skills and interests of the applicants.

Useita rooleja tarjolla
Top-quality level training

The most up-to-date training from the top of the field.

During the program, you will receive high-quality training from industry leaders and increase your competence in the skills that employers are competing for now and in the future. The lessons will not only remain at the level of thought, but you will be able to use what you have learned conveniently in your new work tasks, regardless of your role. Education is a total of about 30% of the program. You can find out more about the training content here.

In addition to expert training, the program gives you the opportunity to complete the valuable Microsoft Azure certification (Azure Administration AZ-104) for free. The certificate is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate your expertise.

The program is free for participants.

Saranen as your job seeking agent

Reduce the number of applications and rough job search. The Saranen’s competence profile serves as your business card for all the open roles in the program. Through the profile you can tell us about your background, competence, motivation and your future career goals. Thus, you don’t have to apply for open roles separately and you’ll get the chance to discuss and spar about job opportunities with Saranen’s experts during the application process.

Our goal is to find a role that supports your background and career development in the best possible way, regardless of your background and ambitions.


Participant testimonials

The Microsoft Azure Academy implemented by Saranen was one of the best decisions of my life, and I haven't been so excited for years as when I heard that I could join the program. The program connected me with a perfect workplace that is top in its field, has a supportive and relaxed atmosphere and allows me to grow as a new IT professional at my own pace. Azure Academy is definitely the best option if you are changing your field and are interested in IT and cloud services!

-Niko Apajainen (Azure Academy 2021), Cloud Consultant, Knowit

For me, the best thing about Microsoft Azure Academy was definitely finding my own direction and focus in my career. It was always a dream to do "that something" in the IT field, but Saranen helped to find it and gave the tools to succeed there.

-Ville M. (Azure Academy 2021), Junior Consultant, Verco

Jos olet hakenut töitä niska limassa etkä tunnu pääsevän puusta pitkään niin koulutusohjelma on yksi vaihtoehto, jota ehdottomasti kannattaa harkita. Alanvaihtajana pääset opiskelemaan uutta ammattitaitoisten kouluttajien johdolla, alalla jo olevana pääset näppärästi päivittämään osaamistasi ja todennäköisesti innokkuudella ja hyvällä suorituksella varmistat itsellesi työpaikan.


-Riina Juntunen, Elisa Appelsiini Oy

Ohjelman päätyttyä sain työsopimuksen ja nyt olen itseäni nuorempien ohjauksessa opettelemassa palveluiden teknisiä tehtäviä sekä toimin melko itsenäisesti erään pilvikokonaisuuden palvelupäällikkönä. Tiimissä on työkavereina muun muassa kaksi muutakin Microsoft Akatemian alumnia. Koulutusohjelman kautta pääsin uusille vesille työuralla – ja niillä on jännää purjehtia!

Lue koko tarina tästä!


-Risto Sivonen, System Specialist, CSC

Koulutusohjelma oli kaikkiaan erinomainen, sillä työttömyyteni loppui, opin paljon uutta Azuresta ja muista Microsoftin palveluista sekä tutustuin koulutuksen aikana eri taustoista tuleviin ihmisiin ja sain motivaatiota jatkaa itsenäistä kehitystäni IT-alalla.

Lue koko tarina tästä!


-Sami Knaappila, Software Developer, TietoEVRY

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How to Apply

1. Fill out the Labour Administrations' application

You can apply for Microsoft Azure Academy F.E.C recruiting training program if you are unemployed or at risk of unemployment. Also, make sure that your job search in TE-palvelut or local government pilot is valid.

Pre-selection for the Academy is made on the basis of this form, so be sure to fill out  your application carefully!

Training number: 712668

2. Fill out your skills profile to Saranen

Tell us about yourself and your skills! This skills profile serves as your business card for all the open positions in the Academy.

Please leave your application soon, so we can ensure a swift application process and spar with you about all the open positions as quickly as possible!


Info and frequently asked questions

You can apply to the training program if you are currently an unemployed job seeker or under the threat of unemployment and your job application in TE services or local government pilot is valid.

The program suits for both for newly graduated experts of the future, as well as for the most experienced experts who have worked in the IT industry.

What matters most to us is your desire to learn new things, your courage to experiment and your ability to take on new tasks with a positive attitude. You are certainly an applicant of interest to us if you identify yourself with, for example, some of the following characteristics:


  • You are a solution-oriented type, for whom the smooth adoption of new systems and technologies comes naturally
  • You find it interesting to build, develop and process databases and you may want to delve into the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the future
  • Cloud service solutions and technologies (such as Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Power BI, Python, R, SQL) arouse your enthusiasm and you may already have some experience on those topics

The length of the training program is 6 months (May 29 - November 20, 2023). The program includes a 5-day holiday period.

The training program combines on-the-job learning and expert training in one package in an efficient way. About 70% of the training takes place as on-the-job learning in a cooperative company in the form of new tasks. The share of expert training is about 30% of the implementation. In addition to guided expert training, the training includes independent study and preparation, e.g. to complete the certificate.

Education is organized as face-to-face education, distance education and/or a combination of these.

The educational language of the program is English.

Microsoft Azure Academy F.E.C focuses especially on infrastructure, admin, database and integration solutions. The program's initial training package consists of e.g. on the following topics:


  • Microsoft Cloud, M65/EMS
  • Azure in general and Azure basics (Compute, Storage, Networking)
  • AZ-900 Microsoft Azure fundamentals
  • AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator certification path
  • Power Platform
  • Communication & negotiation skills, leading your own career

At Saranen, you get individual support from the beginning of the recruitment process in the form of sparring, guidance and coaching.


  1. After TE's application processing and pre-selection, we will invite you to interviews with us.
  2. When we have gotten to know you in more detail, we will start looking for positions that suit your personality, skills and career goals among the partner companies of the program. You can tell all the companies in the program about your skills conveniently through Sarasen's skills profile. So we act as your job search agent.
  3. We offer and arrange times for you to interview partner companies. After the selections, we conclude a training contract between you and the company for the duration of the program.

You can read more about the selection process here.