How to apply

How to apply

Apply today – 0r on the 21st of October at the latest!

Go ahead and fill out the following two applications, as the selection processes will start right away.

  1. Fill out TE Services’ training application online. (Find this program by searching for the program number (681459). This is the official application form for the program, so take your time and fill it out with care. Apart from your qualifications and experience, remember to highlight your motivation, too. The first round of selections will be made on the basis of this application, so take the time to make your case and let your motivation show.
  2. We also ask you to list your work experience and skills and to attach your resume/CV using the “Your profile to Saranen” button. The profile you create here will be your showcase for hiring companies.






Please fill out both applications with care, because we will use them to choose participants for a training program info session. At the info sessions you’ll hear more about the Salesforce Academy recruitment program and the companies that are recruiting, meet Salesforce people and learn more about the Salesforce story – as well as, of course, get to share your own motivation for developing as a Salesforce expert.

Who is Salesforce Academy targeted at?

You can apply for this training and recruitment program is you are currently an unemployed, registered jobseeker, facing the prospect of unemployment or on a temporary employment contract, you have an active account with TE Services (Labor Exchange), and are motivated to develop into a Salesforce cloud service expert. Salesforce Academy suits both graduates at the start of their careers, and workers with more experience of the IT and business fields.

Great! We think it’s great that you’re interested in joining the Salesforce Ohana*.

Financial support during the recruitment program

Salesforce Academy is labor-force training and during the program you will receive the salary-linked and basic unemployment benefit, and the labor market support, to which you are entitled as an unemployed person, as well as having your expenses reimbursed. The most important goal of Salesforce Academy is an employment contract with your own cooperation company at the end of the recruitment program. You can get more information about applying and financial support from the Labor Line Education Advice service on 0295 020 702 or

Salesforce Academy is produced in close cooperation with the Uusimaa Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, TE (Labor Exchange) Services, Salesforce, recruiting companies, and Saranen Consulting.

*The Salesforce culture is summarized using the term Ohana. The word means “family” in Hawaiian. The members of this family are Salesforce workers, customers, partners and all the communities connected with Salesforce. Everything Salesforce does is based on four strong values: Trust, Growth, Innovation, Equality, and a transparent culture that is communicated to others.

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