How to apply

How to apply

The program is mainly directed to international degree students who have recently graduated from a University/Polytechnic University in the capital region. Unemployed immigrants or immigrants under the threat of unemployment who have a university degree from another country and have relevant work experience in their field of expertise, can also be accepted to the program. The program is also suitable for immigrants living in Finland because of their spouse’s work, or Finnish citizens moving back to Finland from abroad. To be eligible, foreign individuals must have a right to the public employment and business services i.e. TE Services. Applicants must have completed their Bachelor, Master or PhD degree in the field of ICT studies. Full-time students cannot be selected. All participants need to have sufficient mastery of English, as the program will be delivered in English. The secondary target group is immigrants who are currently unemployed, facing the prospect of unemployment or on a temporary employment contract.

We are looking for people who are motivated to develop into future software developers or test automation specialists. Software Academy suits both recent graduates at the start of their careers, and people with more experience from the IT and software industry.

Great that you decided to apply to the program!

Please fill out the two following applications by 18.2.:

  1. TE-Services´ training application online through the red button below. (You can find this program by entering the training number 684088 in the search box.)
  2. We also ask you to list your work experience and skills and to attach your resume/CV using the “Your profile to Saranen” button.




Make sure you fill both applications carefully, as we will use these applications as the basis for inviting you to the Software Academy info event, which is the first round of interviews. We’ll start interviewing the potential candidates already during the application period – so apply quickly! Be sure that you highlight both your motivation and prior qualifications & experience. Please note, that this profile is also your business card towards the companies that are recruiting new employees through the program.

Financial support during the recruitment program

Software Academy is labor market training and during the program you will receive the unemployment benefit if you are an unemployed job seeker. In that case you are also entitled to additional expense allowance for days of participation (9€/day tax-free).

The most important goal of the Software Academy is an employment contract between you and the recruiting cooperation company at the end of the recruitment program. You can get more information about financial support during the training from the Labor Line Education Advice service on 0295 020 702 or

F.E.C. – Further Educated with Companies

The training combines on-the-job learning and training with the aim of employment. The program is organized in close cooperation with Software and eBusiness Association Finland, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY), TE Office and the recruiting companies. The program has been developed for unemployed TE Office customers, people whose employment is ending and people who are working in a job that does not match their education. Participants are under a training contract for the duration of the F.E.C. program and are eligible to apply for an unemployment benefit and claim compensation in case they are unemployed, and their job search is active in the TE-services.

The TE Services’ Education Unit, together with Saranen Consulting, is responsible for the selection of the candidates. You can start in the F.E.C. program once a suitable recruiting company has been found and a training contract has been signed. Uusimaa Employment and Economic Development Office (Uusimaa TE Office) will make the final decisions on selecting participants to the program.

Ask for more information

You may contact Sandy on Mondays between 2-4 PM and Thursdays between 10 AM till 1 PM.

Sandy Svahn

Senior Project Manager, Recruitment Programs

040 560 4612

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