Osaamisalue IT, Teknologia & Pelinkehitys
Paikkakunta Uusimaa
Työnhakijoiden hakuaika 20.1.-24.2.2020
Koulutuksen kesto 6 kk
Koulutusohjelman ajankohta 18.3.2020-15.9.2020

Catch your next game professional – easily and conveniently! 

Previous GamePro recruiting training programs have been great success stories: Through the programs over 200 people have already found their dream jobs in the game industry! 

GamePro is organized in collaboration with Neogames, the hub of the Finnish game industry. During the six months period you’ll train, and we educate and train your future game professional for you. The participant´s role in the company could be for example: 

  • Game Programmer 
  • Game Artist 
  • Operations Engineer 
  • Community Manager & Game designer trainee 
  • UX Designer/Developer 
  • Data Analyst 

Four benefits of GamePro for your company

1. Easy recruitment process 

We all know how much time and effort the recruiting process can take – writing job advertisements, all those numerous phone inquiries, candidate interviews and so on. Take part in this program and reduce your recruiting time and efforts. is done for you. Based on your company´s need we’ll evaluate, interview and suggest the right candidates for your company's needs. Your company commits to the program only when the suitable person is found. The company makes the final recruitment choice. 

2. Ensure the newest know-how and skillset

The Finnish game industry has seen a long period of growth and there is no end in sight. The industry faces a constant lack of professionals and Neogames has estimated that there is a yearly lack of about 500 professionals. Therefore, GamePro is an industry-wide collaboration to educate, train and recruit new talents with the latest skillset. The duration of the program is six months and includes 20-25 training days held by game industry professionals. 

3. There´s no rush in the introduction  

The person you choose will work full-time at your company during the recruiting training program, as well as participating in broad, expert-led training. During the six months, you`ll able to get to know the candidate, and they get an insight into your way of working. After the program, you will have an oriented and trained professional with whom you can sign an employment contract without additional costs. In this way, the program is also a good way to prepare for your future needs. 

4. Motivated and capable doers! 

The candidates selected for the programs are curious people with a can-do attitude, who are inspired by their work and ready to take a career leap into the game ecosystem. They come from various backgrounds, for example in programming, visual design, 3D, UX or data analysis skillset. They have a burning desire to learn new things and to grow to be futures game professionals.  

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