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Osaamisalue IT, Teknologia & Pelinkehitys
Paikkakunta Varsinais-Suomi
Työnhakijoiden hakuaika 24.4. - 20.5.2020
Koulutuksen kesto 6 kk
Koulutusohjelman ajankohta 8.6.2020 - 30.11.2020

Recruit software development or automation talents to your team

When markets face a change, the importance of software development, test automation and other ICT-solutions rise to a whole new level. Through Software Academy, you can boost your business by recruiting a future software expert to your team conveniently, despite the status quo. Now is the perfect time to plan the future and boost your team’s talent.

In the midst of the fast-changing markets and extreme digitalization, new, up-to-date professional skills are emphasized – Software Academy training program provides you a channel to find your future talent, with the set off skills your company is searching for.

Contact us by telling about your recruitment needs. Let’s figure out together how we can boost your business!

Matching candidates suited best for your needs

The Software Academy training program is a perfect platform to find new talents to meet the current and future recruitment needs of your company. Your chosen candidate will receive a comprehensive training in software development and can specialize in either web development or test automation, depending on what your business is looking for.

Your candidate will work full-time in your company for 6 months and in addition, will receive 23 days of up-to-date, expert-led software training. The subjects of the training program are designed so that they contribute to your company’s future the best possible way. The candidates will be presented to you personally, and the final recruitment decision is always left for you. The recruitment program will not start if you do not find suitable candidates to your open role.

The recruitment program starts 8th of June and the participants will be pre-evaluated by Saranen between April and May. The matching process is ongoing during the application period and the final selections are concluded by the recruiting companies in May.

Software Academy a part of Government’s Talent Boost project and is organized by Saranen Consulting in close cooperation with the Finnish Software and E-business Association, recruiting companies, Varsinais-Suomi Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Varsinais-Suomi), and TE (Labor Exchange) Services.

Four good reasons to recruit through Software Academy

1. Quick and effortless recruiting

The pre-evaluations of the candidates are carried out by Saranen. Thus, you don’t need to write job ads, answer recruitment calls and schedule endless job interviews. Your company makes the final decision and commits to the program only if/when you find the right candidate. We have also adjusted our recruitment process to be 100% digital – all of our services are available normally!

2. Up-to-date skills to boost your business

New, up-to-date professional skills are emphasized in today’s markets. Our training program provides you a channel to find your future talent, with the set off skills your company is searching for.

3. Risk-free recruiting that cuts costs

Your chosen candidate will work full-time at your company during the program, while also participating in broad, expert-led training. At the end of the program, you will have a trained new talent who is already accustomed to your company’s way of working and with whom you can sign an employment contract without any additional costs. The program is therefore also a good way to prepare for future recruitment needs.

4. Motivated software experts packed with talent

The participants of the training program are packed with potential and motivation to develop into future software developers and test automation specialists. Our goal is to match that talent, which suits best for your company!

Software Academy starts in June 2020. Let’s figure out together how we can boost your business!

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