Salesforce Academy alumni stories
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We have witnessed magnificent growth stories of Salesforce Academy’s previous participants

”Salesforce Academy is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to take the fast lane in”

Before joining the Salesforce Academy, I had been on the lookout for interesting opportunities for a lateral career move. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Information Technology and over fifteen years in various roles in IT organisations, including few years as an entrepreneur. Now I was looking for a growth path where I could leverage on my previous experience while learning something new and exciting. I was keeping a close eye on various F.E.C. programs as potential gateways to that path, and when the first Salesforce Academy was due, I made sure to apply.

I started the program with OpusCapita, a company set on digitalizing global trade with cloud-based source-to-pay, cash management and product information management solutions. I was quickly absorbed into the ever-expanding Salesforce ecosystem, working from day one closely with sales, marketing and IT. Around two-thirds in to the program, I was hired as a Sales Analyst and Salesforce Administrator under Sales Operations, and continued in that role to develop processes and solutions and manage projects on the integrated Salesforce platform.

Two years later I was looking to widen my horizons and I joined Fluido, the leading Salesforce partner in the Nordics. As a Business Consultant, it’s been a privilege to work with customer companies across many industries, and gain expertise on a range of Salesforce products. For example with CPQ (Configure, Price & Quote) gaining momentum outside its traditional domain of industrial manufacturing, I have since then became a certified CPQ Specialist and I am developing and building solutions also on Salesforce CPQ. I look forward to continue to both deepen and widen my knowledge of and exposure in the ecosystem – the journey is just beginning.

Looking back, Salesforce Academy proved to be a great personal opportunity. The overall engagement from all the companies, partners and participants involved, and being able to embark this journey with such skilled and experienced professionals all around were the most significant gains, and ensured momentum was built from the get-go. As Salesforce professionals, with expertise not only with Salesforce products but different industries, business processes, services and technologies, continue to be very much in demand, Salesforce Academy is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is considering joining the extended Salesforce family and wants to take the fast lane in.

Joni Palomäki
Business Consultant
Fluido Oy
Salesforce Academy Alumni 2017

”The recruitment program was the best career move I could hope for”

Before applying to Salesforce Academy I had a background from assistant and project management roles at the public sector, and after a career switch I made – from cloud solution sales. This also was my first touch using Salesforce as a sales user. After some serious pondering how to advance with my career I thought Salesforce had great possibilities for career development. Since I didn’t have the know-how how to really take advantage of Salesforce, I saw a significantly better chance to get employed around Salesforce via applying to Salesforce Academy. I was very lucky get in to the Academy which was just a right combination of well thought-out intensive training, learning at work and learning together with a great group of motivated people.

Right from the start I had a great time working at Deloitte Digital which also hired me as a Salesforce consultant after the training period. There I grew to understand consulting business, took part in various projects and first of all learned my way around Salesforce to stand proudly in front of the client to help them find a Salesforce solution.

After getting certified and employed within Salesforce which was the end goal in Salesforce Academy – my career trail has led me to Accenture where I currently have the responsibility to lead a very interesting Salesforce project at the client. For me, Salesforce Academy opened the way for great new career possibilities around Salesforce. if you’re not afraid to step into something new, spend some time thinking Salesforce solutions for those in need, and commit to constantly learn new things – this might be your best career move. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a slightest hunch what Salesforce is and it does. After the Academy you’ll surely do. But beware, once you start with getting Salesforce Certified Administrator certification you might not want to stop…

Joonas Kupiainen
Business and Integration Arch Specialist at Salesforce Business Group
Accenture Technology Solution
Salesforce Academy Alumni 2017

”Salesforce Academy provided a starting point to redirect my career to a new path”

Before I joined Salesforce Academy I had been working as SAP CRM consultant for few years and was looking out for new challenges. I had been working in a larger project abroad and unfortunately the future for that project was at stake. I have a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management and Master’s degree in International Business and Logistics Management. I didn’t have extensive technology skills besides knowing processes and of course basics of SAP system. To be frank, I didn’t know where even to start looking for new opportunities due to the fact that I spent most of my time abroad and not in Finland.

I knew Salesforce briefly from past, and when I searched for new jobs with words like CRM and consultant, I saw Saranen’s Salesforce Academy. I thought it would be a chance to change from one technology to another and to acquire new skills as well as get to know to new people in a crash course rather than just applying randomly to other open positions available at the time. After the graduation I continued at Tieto as a Salesforce Consultant, working with customers who use Salesforce to implement new systems and/or capabilities to their existing system. Additionally I got the opportunity to become co-host or community group leader for Salesforce’s Trailblazers (meaning people who are somewhat related to Salesforce’s ecosystem).

After the graduation and working for couple of years at Tieto, I joined Salesforce Finland and work nowadays as a Senior Solution Engineer in Salesforce’s pre-sales team. As a part of my job, I am one of the first runners on getting to know all the new functionalities and trying to understand and explain how customers could benefit on using Salesforce as a technology for their business problems. The biggest benefits for me was the possibility to join this fantastic ecosystem and to get to know people in it. On top of that, I cannot deny also that for me personally, the program provided me a starting point to redirect my career to a new and dare to say more exciting path than where I was heading before. I can recommend Salesforce Academy to everyone who is thinking is ready for a change and also ready to take up the challenge! Although the program gives you some tools and learning, as usual, the biggest part is in yourself to work hard and enjoy the journey the fullest!

Elli Pennanen
Senior Solution Engineer
Salesforce Academy Alumni 2017

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