30.11.2023 — Companies' experiences

In a situation of change, individual support and a future-oriented attitude are crucial


Adjustment situations are challenging in many ways, for both the company and the individual. Uncertainty in workplaces is caused by things such as the number of people laid off or dismissed being unknown. Sometimes, the work obligation of laid-off employees continues even after the notice of termination, and in these situations, working can feel extremely burdensome and difficult. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that people affected by the situation of change can turn their focus on the future. Negotiations that are respectful of the individual are the key to success.

A company operating in the social welfare and healthcare industry contacted Saranen’s change situation services to request help for an adjustment situation. The company wanted to provide the employees laid off with external support so that they could process being laid off and start looking for a new job.

”Saranen was recommended to me by others and I decided to take a closer look. In addition to the recommendations, the aspect that made me trust Saranen was the company’s comprehensive approach,” says the HR manager of the customer company. “We wanted to provide the persons laid off from our company with personal support. The aim was to guarantee peaceful working conditions for everyone and to minimise conflicts caused by the cooperation negotiations,” the HR manager says when asked why Saranen was selected as the company’s partner.


In adjustment situations, a career coach can be very valuable.

At first, the persons laid off from the customer company wanted to focus on developing their competence related to their personal work. Unfortunately, this could not be arranged, as the work duties among the persons laid off were very different. Since the wishes of the persons laid off could not be fulfilled, they were initially distrustful towards Saranen’s adjustment services. Despite the distrust, they decided to participate in the service.

Career Coach Jenni Kuparinen, who supported the company through the change situation services, was able to help the persons laid off in many different ways.

“In the case of the social welfare and healthcare company, the most important thing was to offer individual service to people who were in different life situations. The persons I coached had the opportunity to vent their disappointment; it was my job to listen and help them move forward. They could go over their options for the future, and they received concrete support for achieving their own goals. Many of them strived to obtain employment again, and during the six months of coaching, we succeeded in improving the participants’ job-hunting skills considerably,” Kuparinen says.


Importance of personal coaching

Providing the laid-off employees with the opportunity to vent their feelings and discuss the matter with a coach made the atmosphere in the workplace considerably more calm. This guaranteed peaceful working conditions for all employees.

"From the employer’s point of view, the situation was handled well. The atmosphere at the workplace remained peaceful, as the employees laid off could, with the coach’s support, think about their situation during the negotiations without any rush. Thanks to Saranen’s adjustment service, our relationship with the employees laid off remained amicable.", the HR manager says. 

The persons laid off appreciated the career coaching they received. At the end of the coaching, they wanted to share their experience with their supervisor and express their thanks for the adjustment service. The persons laid off felt that they gained a lot from the coaching, and they appreciated the personal nature of the service.


Cooperation with Saranen went smoothly

According to the customer company, cooperation with Saranen went well. Career Coach Kuparinen kept in active contact with the HR manager and provided updates on the situation.

“Although the group of laid-off employees was a little challenging, due to the persons’ different backgrounds, the coach provided by Saranen worked with them successfully,” the HR manager says. “Our employees have exacting standards for the people with whom they work. However, Jenni was able to win them over quickly and build a great relationship with each of them.”

In the HR manager’s opinion, having the same person manage the process and work with the laid-off employees was a positive thing: “I was surprised by how well everything went. Now it seems obvious that this is how it should be.”


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The party providing the reference wishes to remain anonymous.