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Working for competence in every part of the work life

We will be your partner in the recruitment, training and management of new talent. In situations of change, we will provide stability.

Renew with us

Growing your company requires recruiting the right kind of talent and developing the staff throughout their employment. Utilise our recruitment training programmes to foster new talent and our competence renewal programmes to support the sustainable growth of your current staff.

If your company faces cooperation negotiations that result in lay-offs or temporary dismissals, we can take care of the entire process. The goal is to help the employees laid off move on to their next careers and the company to continue its journey towards new growth.


Our solutions for increasing competence and vitality

We will be your trusted partner and open the door to success for your company.

Rekrytoi kouluttamalla

Recruit by training

We strengthen the competence needed for the future and connect companies to the most suitable professionals. Recruit potential through us. 

Grow stronger by recruiting
Uudista ja johda osaamista

Renew and manage competence

We know how to recognise the critical needs in the work life, both today and tomorrow. With our help, your organisation will grow to support success at each of its levels.

Open the door to success
Vakauta muutostilanteissa

Stability in situations of change

In uncertain situations, you need a stable partner. We will support you in any and all situations of change and steer your organisation and its individuals through the changes.

Find stability with us

How can we help you?

Do you need a sparring partner for preparing for change, are you struggling with recruitment or do you want to take the competence of your company to the next level?

Jannica, Markku, Inari and our other experts are waiting for your call, and they are happy to learn more about you and your company’s situation! 

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Impressive solutions with focus on individuals

We continuously collect and analyse information on the quality of our operations. Here are examples of whom our solutions concern and what their impacts are.


recruiting companies per year


jobseekers are coached in our services every year


are recruited at the end of the recruitment training programme every year



The recruitment training programme has served our needs very well in situations where we know that we need a skilled employee but may not know exactly what the employee’s final role will be. In these situations, we do not expect to find a perfect employee, but we want to find a talented person whose skills we can complement with a certain kind of training.

Antti Moilanen, Director, QuietOn

Saranen was recommended to me by others and I decided to take a closer look. In addition to the recommendations, the aspect that made me trust Saranen was the company’s comprehensive approach. Although the group of laid-off employees was a little challenging due to the persons’ different backgrounds, the coach provided by Saranen worked with them successfully.

Outplacement training participant

The training days that take place inside the lab are important and create a basis for skills. The training is applied in practice through mentoring by Veikkaus. The biggest thing is on-the-job learning. It accounts for up to 80–90% of the learning journey. We try to support learning in such a way that every time a trainee learns a new skill, they can apply it immediately in practice.

Lauri Halkola, VP, Chief Data & Analytic Officer, Veikkaus

Renew with us.


How can we help your company succeed? Contact us and tell us about your situation!

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