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Personal support through career coaching

In the career coaching included in our change situation services, we will help you find your way through change, no matter what your next goal is. 

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In any situation of change, we will stand by you as a source of support, innovation and help

In any situation of change, we will stand by you as a source of support, innovation and help

When you are in a situation of change, you may have many questions on your mind. Should I apply for a new job? Should I study something? Or should I become an entrepreneur or head to a completely new industry? What about my retirement plans? There are many options, and there may not even be one right answer.

With our help, you can address the topics that are the most relevant for you.  Our goal is to support you and find the most suitable solutions for you, regardless of your situation or where you are in your career.

Our career coaching is aimed at professionals covered by our change situation services. 

Are you over 55 years old and eligible for transition security allowance?

Have you been laid off or dismissed and have a change security fund that you can use for training?

Check out our coaching and training options for people over 55!

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What can career coaching give you?checkmark


Innovation-oriented support in a changing situation

You will be supported by Saranen’s experienced career coach, who will be by your side when dealing with the big issue. The coach will help you realise and perceive your opportunities, identify your skills and come up with concrete solutions for finding your own direction. In addition, you will have the opportunity to use our entire career coaching network and the expertise and support available there. 

Individual help and solutions suitable for your situation

We promise to give you personal support and we genuinely want to find the right solution for your situation. Together with you, we will set a career goal, and in our personal coaching, we will focus on the things that will propel you forwards to the goal set by you.

Your goals may be, for example, finding a new job, studying or changing careers, entrepreneurship or retirement. We will help you identify your skills and strengths in a working life-oriented way, while deepening your understanding of your career management and finding a solution at your own pace. The skills learned during the coaching will help you in the future.

Insightful options by industry, role and municipality

Through our coaching, you will receive information on changes in working life and the labour market as well as tips on different options by industry, role and city. In addition to us, you will get support from the Bravedo Group, the recruiting companies, our training partners and various educational institutions.

How our services have helped individuals take the next steps in their careers


Persons coached annually through Saranen’s change situation services


Of people coached by us find the next step in their career within 6 months


is the average of our coach feedback

After being in the same job for so long and not thinking about job-seeking, Saranen’s career coaching was definitely useful. Without the career coaching, I would not have known how to start looking for a job. I’m glad I went along!

Career coaching participant
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At first, we went through my career and pondered the opportunities it could bring. The pandemic and the resulting unemployment put me in low spirits, but my coach helped me successfully see my potential. The most important thing is to find someone to talk to, so you can think together about what you should do.

Career coaching participant
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The coaching gave me a lot of self-confidence, and the career coach taught me to bring out my best qualities. The professional and supportive approach was exactly what I needed after being laid off. The coach gave me tremendous strength and energy so that I could deal with the disappointment of losing my job and start looking forward in my career.

Career coaching participant
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Do you have questions about career coaching?

Are you eligible for the service and do you have any questions about it?

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help you and answer your questions. Please note that our career coaching is intended for participants who are covered by our change situation services.

Tel. 0800 02 022 (From 9 to noon)


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