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What things should really be taken into account when recruiting new competence? What are the things that really matter when looking for a new job? How to manage competence successfully? What will the work life of tomorrow look like?

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Research report

Managing competence 2023–2028

How to manage competence has been a relevant question for a long time, but how close are Finnish companies to achieving results? With the help of Taloustutkimus Oy, we surveyed Finnish business life’s decision-makers’ opinions on competence management, its current state and near future.

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In a situation of change, individual support and a future-oriented attitude are crucial

Adjustment situations are challenging in many ways, for both the company and the individual. Uncertainty in workplaces is caused by things such as the number...

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Atea praises smooth, risk-free and cost-effective recruitment process

The IT service company Atea, which operates in the Nordic and Baltic countries, recruits new talent through recruitment training programmes whenever possible....

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Communication skills training helped align employee mindsets across locations worldwide

The Finnish energy company Fortum has power plants around the world, and as an international organization, recognized the growing need for consistency in modes...

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HealthTech Academy opens the doors to the health technology industry!

The HealthTech Academy is a six-month recruitment training programme focused on health technology. Through it, Max Johansson and Minna Wesén were employed in...

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Recruitment training helped Miikka find meaningful employment

Miikka Wakkola, who has a degree in business, thought that the recruitment training programme would benefit his career development and so he applied for the...

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Becoming a coding talent of tomorrow through recruitment training

Sini Aalto and Nelson Makubuya Ntege found their dream jobs in the programming industry through a recruitment training programme. Recruitment training provided...

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