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We can help you take the next step in your career by updating your competence. At the same time, we will strengthen your potential and job opportunities.

Reinvent your career with Saranen

Almost every one of us has been in a situation where our career takes an unexpected turn or faces an obstacle. This situation can be the start of your new career path. Let us be your guide.

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Work through training

In the recruitment training programme, you get to combine your new work duties with your new competence quickly and efficiently, regardless of where you are in your career. 

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Competence through intensive training

Our bootcamps are intensive training courses that are free and only last 4–5 weeks. Through them, you will have the opportunity to improve your competence under the guidance of the top talent in your industry and get a boost for the next step in your career.

Strengthen your potential

Every year, several hundred people find a new job through us.


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Jobseekers' experiences

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HealthTech Academy opens the doors to the health technology industry!

The HealthTech Academy is a six-month recruitment training programme focused on health technology. Through it, Max Johansson and Minna Wesén were employed in...

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Recruitment training helped Miikka find meaningful employment

Miikka Wakkola, who has a degree in business, thought that the recruitment training programme would benefit his career development and so he applied for the...

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Becoming a coding talent of tomorrow through recruitment training

Sini Aalto and Nelson Makubuya Ntege found their dream jobs in the programming industry through a recruitment training programme. Recruitment training provided...

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Working for competence since 1991.

We at Saranen have long history of opening doors to success in the work life. We recognise the critical needs of the work life of today and tomorrow, and we boost the growth of both companies and individuals.

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