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Competence through intensive training

We will strengthen your potential and job prospects by accelerating your growth.

Take a shortcut to your new future! 

Renewing your competence does not require committing several years to training. You can explore a new field or new work duties much faster than that. Our intensive training courses, also known as bootcamps, are an excellent way of trying out new things!

Our bootcamps are intensive training courses that are free and only last 4–5 weeks. Through them, you will have the opportunity to improve your competence under the guidance of the top talent in your industry and get a boost for the next step in your career. The programmes are suitable for people just starting to familiarise themselves with the industry, people considering changing their career, and professionals who already have knowledge of the industry. The training is a unique opportunity to add new professional skills to your toolkit, regardless of your background. 



Explore upcoming intensive training courses

Check out our intensive training courses starting soon. If we do not have intensive training available right now, you should check out our more long-term recruitment training. You can explore all our available programmes by clicking the button “All programmes”.

Boosting competence in 25 days

Why choose intensive training? Here are 3 reasons why! 

It is a quick way to find out if your dream industry is like you imagined. 

The 25-day intensive training is like jumping in at the deep end of a particular industry. You will know in no time whether the industry feels right for you and what kinds of career opportunities it could offer you.  

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How often do you get the chance to explore your dream industry under the guidance of industry leaders, and for free? Why miss this opportunity – join us to increase your expertise! 

A springboard to future success

An intensive training course will provide you with excellent readiness to move towards future success after the course. After each bootcamp, we always organise recruitment training that focuses on the same industry and offers new job opportunities. If you have completed the bootcamp, you are likely to get selected for the training.

The intensive training courses organised by us are a form of labour market training intended for unemployed people, persons at the risk of unemployment and jobseekers in fixed-term employment relationships that will end soon.

Promising careers through intensive training

The effects of our intensive training cannot be denied. When you are deeply immersed in the content of a particular industry, you will begin to understand it better and your competence will increase at a dazzling speed. Several participants who have completed our intensive training consider the bootcamp a crucial move in their career. Maybe this will be the case for you too! 


Frequently asked questions

Here we have collected questions asked by our applicants. You can find more questions and answers here.

Who can apply for intensive training?

You can apply for intensive training if you are currently an unemployed job seeker, under the threat of unemployment or in a fixed-term employment relationship that will soon end and your job application in TE services is valid.

How does intensive training differ from recruitment training?

Intensive training (often programs are called as Bootcamps) are short deep dives into a specific topic. Short courses often consist of about 25 training days. Unlike in recruiting trainings, intensive trainings do not include working in a company. However, you might get to do a case project for a company and gain practical experience.

What kinds of things are studied in intensive training?

During the program, you will be able to delve into various subject areas in a broad and comprehensive manner. The training days themselves mostly consist of online lectures (some of the programs also have face-to-face training days) and various individual and group exercises. After the program, you will have a great understanding of different tools, as well as practical experience in applying them.

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