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So that there will always be someone to do the work.

Have you heard of the concept where recruitment involves training professionals for their new duties? Recruitment training was developed with this approach in mind.

The best thing about combining training with recruitment is that the applicant grows to the exact role where new competence is needed the most. Companies that have recruited experts through recruitment training have repeatedly been surprised by the fluency and effectiveness of the concept. Here, at Saranen, we have implemented recruitment training for 30 years, which is why we are excellent at recognising potential! 



30h of time saved in recruitment per person

The processes of our recruitment training solutions are fast, risk-free and effortless for you. We find the right applicants and do all the paperwork. You do not commit to the programme until we find a professional you like.


Up to 70% of costs are paid by the ELY Centre

Our training programmes can be adjusted to suit different needs, and through them, you can recruit one or several professionals easily and cost-effectively.


20 days of additional training and instruction

You will have the 4–6 months of the training programme to get to know the new professional and make the recruitment decision without any rush. We will support the development of the new professional through our relevant training days.

Competent professionals for positions where they are needed – cost-effectively

Since there are not enough experts and professionals for everyone, you should adopt a new approach to recruitment. Recruitment training is about finding the professional most suitable for your company and developing them into a new expert.

Our ready group programmes enable the recruitment of individual professionals full of potential for growth, and through our customisable programmes, you can even recruit a whole team.

Check out our programmes and let us know what kind of talent you are looking for!

Software industry and game development

Front-end, back-end or something else? Software professionals play an important role in the development and maintenance of modern technology and everything related to it.

You can recruit junior-level employees for the software and gaming industry and grow them into senior specialists suitable for your company through recruitment training.

The person you choose can work for your company as, for example, Software Developer, Web Programmer, Software Consultant, Project Manager, UX Designer, Tester or Software Designer.

Marketing and CRM

Nowadays, it is difficult to talk about sales and marketing without digitalisation, data and analytics, regardless of the field or job. As the market constantly changes, new ideas and operating methods are necessary, even essential, to be at the forefront of development.

For example, the person you choose could be your company’s next Digital Marketing Specialist, SEO/SEM Specialist, Web Analyst, Growth Hacker, Marketing Coordinator/Manager, Digital Planner, Paid Social Specialist, Content Specialist/Coordinator, Salesforce Consultant/Developer/Admin/Trainer or Pardot Specialist.

Data analytics and cloud services

The ability of companies to collect raw data is at an excellent level today. However, the data itself does not tell us anything, but it must also be possible to parse, store and analyse it in order to deduce something from it.

For example, the person you choose could be your company’s next Data Scientist, Data Engineer, BI Specialist or Consultant, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Growth Hacker, Master Data Specialist, Reporting Specialist, Cloud Specialist, Python Developer, Data Architect or Database Specialist.

Financial and payroll administration

Expert work in financial administration is undergoing a transformation as systems become digitalised and automated. When the specialist’s IT skills are in order, the systems can be utilised more easily and the specialist’s time is also freed up for work with customers and stakeholders.

For example, the person you choose could be your company’s next Controller, Accountant, Ledger Administrator, Payroll Specialist, Financial Assistant, Application Support Person, Financial Administration Application Consultant or System Specialist.

IT support, maintenance and cybersecurity

In digital companies, the functionality and safety of the operating environment are of paramount importance. To keep up with the developments, we now need people who have up-to-date professional skills.

Our recruitment training programmes focusing on IT support, maintenance and cybersecurity are great ways to find new talent to boost your business!

For example, the person you choose could be your company’s next Service Desk Specialist, Cybersecurity Specialist, Network Specialist, IoT Specialist, AI Specialist or Robotics Specialist.

Healthtech and renewable industry

The health technology sector and the reshaping industry have a few things in common. Both are strongly growing sectors of the future, and it is difficult to find skilled employees for both of them, as there is no direct training.

Through the recruitment training programme, it is easier to find a skilled person for any role, because training also provides people with important industry knowledge.  Participants in our previous programmes have ended up in companies in roles like Regulatory Trainee, Service Technician, Software Developer or Tester, Quality Specialist or Manager as well as various sales and marketing, product development, technical development and analytics roles.

Tailored training package

Recruiting new talent tailored to your company

Training programmes specifically tailored to your company are the best solution when you need to recruit ten or more professionals. Professionals from the same company-specific training programme can be placed in several different locations around Finland.

Cooperation for increased vitality

We at Saranen have created the drivers of growth and success for over 30 years. We operate nationally. Through us, you can train professionals to meet the needs of your company, no matter where in Finland you are located!

Our recruitment training programmes are produced in cooperation with ELY Centres, TE Services and our training, programme and corporate partners. Our training partners are leading technology and training companies.


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Experiences of recruitment implemented by Saranen

We recommend Saranen’s recruitment training programme and cooperation with Saranen, because they have professional staff and versatile expertise over a long period of time. This is reflected in the smoothness of cooperation and also in the results that we have achieved.

Ulla-Mari Kuusinen, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Visma

The recruitment training programme has served our needs very well in situations where we know that we need a skilled employee but may not know exactly what the employee’s final role will be. In these situations, we do not expect to find a perfect employee, but we want to find a talented person whose skills we can complement with a certain kind of training.

Antti Moilanen, Director, QuietOn

Our field is suffering from a chronic shortage of talent and, in order to find new talent for us, we have felt that recruitment training programmes are a good addition to conventional recruitment routes.

Janne Repo, CEO, Softability

The recruitment training programme has been an excellent solution to our recruitment challenges. In our opinion, training has always been a good thing. Now we do not have to look for suitable trainees ourselves, but we get them directly from Saranen.

Suvi Miettinen, COO, Hopkins

Recruitment training programmes are a great concept for busy companies that do not have time to do the actual training, and recruiting skilled employees is expensive or they are difficult to find. We take care of the orientation and Saranen takes care of more specific training for the student.

Anu Parantainen, Director of Development, Turun kaupunki

For us, the recruitment training programme is one recruitment route among others. Through the programme, we have gained new employees in our ranks with a very diverse and rich working life background.

Jussi Kauppi, CEO, Monetra Oulu

Let's improve your competence?


Now is the time to recruit the talent you will need in the future.

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Do you have any questions? We have the answers.

Why should I recruit professionals through a recruitment training programme instead of managing the recruitment myself?

Participating in a recruiting training program does not exclude the fact that you can also recruit yourself. Vice versa! In general, different recruitments often have very different needs, so different recruitment methods should be used. In all cases, a direct recruitment method is not recommended or cannot be afforded.

Many companies (more than 2000 to be precise) have received help in their recruitment by trying a recruiting training program. There aren't really many good reasons why a recruiting training program shouldn't be tried as part of the palette.

How much time do I need to allocate to the recruitment process, if we take part in the training programme?

Saranen handles the recruitment process almost entirely. At first, we arrange a meeting where we define together the need for talent, i.e. what kind of person and what kind of role we are going to apply for (the duration of the meeting is about an hour).

Saranen start a marketing campaign for the training programme to potential job seekers and, based on the defined need, searches for and interviews the most suitable candidates for your company. We present the pre-selected candidates to you (about an hour), after which you interview the applicants you want (about an hour / candidate).

At the beginning of the process, it is good to decide who in your company is responsible for designing the job description/profile, who will interview the selected candidates and who will make the final decision. During the training relationship, the company must also have a mentor for the trainee who supports him during the orientation phase and on-the-job learning.

Why are the applicants participating in the training programme? Is this their only way of finding employment?

There are many types of applicants. For many, the primary motivation for participating is to update their skills to the level of the constantly changing skill requirements of the labor market. Another motivator is changing career direction to a new field.

Previous applicable basic education combined with strong motivation is, in our experience, a very successful starting point for a new career. The applicants often also include young graduates who want to apply for practical work experience and know-how through the training program.

Many of our job seekers also receive direct job offers during the application process, but nevertheless prefer to apply for a new job through a training program and update their own skills at the same time. This means that applicants are very ambitious about their careers. Motivation is at the center of the application process.

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