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Recruitment training and F.E.C. training

New job or new skills? Why not both!

We will make you an expert of tomorrow.

Changes in employment come with many questions.

Should I apply for a new job? Should I improve my competence? Or should I head to a completely new industry? Deciding can be difficult. However, your occupational goals can be achieved with fewer compromises than you think – by approaching work through training.

The main objective of the training courses is to get you permanently employed at your cooperative company after 4–6 months of training. In addition to performing the tasks of the position you are aiming for, you get to invest in your own competence in the long term and actively contribute to what your next role could be like. 

💡 Every year, several hundred people find a new job through us. Are you one of them?  


Apply for a recruitment training programme!

💡 Just a heads up: If you find our Finnish programme pages, please note that the programme will be then held in Finnish. Typically in those programmes we recommend a Finnish language proficiency level of B1.1.
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Many benefits of recruitment training programmes


Boost for work that reflects you

Thanks to the practical work included in our recruitment training, you get to adopt your new duties immediately and increase your expertise in real life.


Master the latest know-how in your industry

Throughout the programme, you will be trained by the leading actors in the industry and you will get to hone the skills that employers will compete for now and in the future.


Score your dream job with less effort

When you apply for a programme, you need to fill in a Saranen competence profile. It is your business card for the cooperative companies, which means that you do not need to apply for each company separately.


New job or new skills?

Why not both!


For whom are the training programmes suitable?

check-mark-keltainenFor new professionals and career changers

Are you interested in making the leap to a new industry or new kinds of duties, but a long spell of training does not fit into your situation? The solution is recruitment training where you will have training days combined with immediate access to your new work tasks. Truly a fast lane to competence!

check-mark-keltainenFor recent graduates and rising talents

Are you a freshly graduated professional looking for work experience? We will help you get valuable work experience in your industry, and through us you will gain a foothold on your path to your dream job.

check-mark-keltainenFor people with work experience

Having a long career does not always guarantee that you will be employed quickly, and sometimes your skills have lost some of their shine. With us, you get the opportunity to update your competence and work in highly challenging positions.

Recruitment training (including F.E.C. training) is a form of labour market training intended for unemployed people, persons at the risk of unemployment and jobseekers in fixed-term employment relationships that will end soon.

Overall, the training was really good. What surprised me the most was how big an impact a single day of training can have on your competence. I remember a training set about the basics of Python. Although I had used the programming language before, I received a surprising amount of new information from the training. My work has improved dramatically after the training.

Janne Blom, Software Engineer, Etteplan

I started studying the Digital Marketing Bootcamp more closely and became convinced of its content. I am a self-taught marketer, so there was a need to develop my digital marketing skills so that I could continue to work in marketing.

Camilla Tauro, Digital Content Specialist, WDS

Thanks to the recruitment training programme, I learned to describe my skills better and found a job in a new city!

Johanna Isojärvi, Financial administration service expert, Monetra

I got to Dagmar through Saranen’s DigiExpert programme. The programme is always prepared according to the participant’s personal goals. It utilises Saranen’s extensive training offering. I mainly participated in the eCommercePro training days and learned a lot there.

Petri Hänninen, Digital Planner, Dagmar


participants in recruitment training programmes per year


recruiting companies per year


get employed directly at the end of the training programme

Working together to organise training programmes


Do you have any questions? We have the answers.

How is the company selected? Do I have to look for a company myself?

We at Saranen will take care of finding the partner company. We will try to find a company that meets your wishes as well as possible. At the same time, we take into account the needs of the company, as the company’s representative makes the final choice of the most suitable candidate for them.

You can also search for a place at a partner company yourself to secure your place in the programme. If you have a potential place at a company, please mention this to the responsible persons of the training programme as soon as possible at the beginning of the application process.

Will I get paid during the programme?

During the programme, you will be in a training relationship with the company and the company will not pay you wages for the period. During the training, you will receive the same unemployment benefit as if you were unemployed. You will also receive compensation for expenses on the training days.

If participation in the training has been agreed in your employment plan, your unemployment fund or Kela may pay you an increased unemployment benefit for the duration of the training. For more detailed conditions, the maximum period and other information regarding the increased benefit, please contact the party paying your unemployment benefit. The aim is for you to have a paid employment relationship with the company after the programme.

At what stage are programme participants selected?

In order for you to be selected for the recruitment training programme, we will need to find you a suitable place at a partner company. Selections for the programme will be made individually as places at companies are confirmed.

Participants' experiences of training programmes

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