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We help companies succeed: we train new digital experts, develop your personnel’s expertise, and act as your partner in times of change.

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An organization’s competitiveness increasingly relies on the skills and self-direction of its employees. This is why recruiting experts and developing personnel throughout their employment lifecycle is critical for a company's growth. We produce new talent through tailored recruitment training programs and support sustainable growth via competence reform programs.

When a company goes through co-operation negotiations that result in terminations of employment or lay-offs, we are here to take care of the whole process, if necessary. Our purpose is to support employees’ growth and to help those who have been made redundant to find a new career.

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Recruitment training programs

Skills requirements are continually evolving.
There is a shortage of experts in areas such as IT, game development, digital marketing, and financial management. This shortage of highly qualified talent calls for new recruitment practices: with recruit training, we help the candidate that best matches a company’s needs to grow as a new talent. Unleash your candidates’ potential!

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Smooth implementation of co-operation negotiations and other changes

Changes in business often affect personnel. Sometimes, it can also mean having to take tough decisions such as the dismissal of a part of your workforce and striving for results with a smaller group of people. Having said that, it is not always necessary to end employment relationships: as a result of co-operation negotiations, employees can be directed to new roles. With our change security and outplacement services, we help your company and its experts through the transformation phase, towards a new beginning.

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Salesforce Academy

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Salesforce Academy

IT, Teknologia & Pelinkehitys — Uusimaa — Hakuaika päättyy

Recruit new Salesforce talents to boost your CRM operations

Are you looking for a new talent to join your team of Salesforce experts and consultants? Do you want to get more out of Salesforce and use your resources more effectively? Salesforce Academy offers you a convenient and hassle-free opportunity to recruit your next Salesforce talent. Now is the perfect time to plan your future and boost your business!

Great tech works best with skilled professionals - especially in CRM. New, up-to-date professional skills are ever more emphasized in today’s rapidly evolving markets and finding the right kind of experts to do the job can be sometimes challenging. Salesforce Academy training program tackles this challenge by providing you a channel to find your future talent, with the exact set of skills your company is searching for.

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