Competence IT, Technology and Game Development
Region Uusimaa
Application period ends the 24th of February 2020
Training lasts 6 months
Training period From the 18th of March to the 15th of September 2020


Are you ready to take a career leap into the game industry? Do you want to become a part of the Finnish game industry success story? We are looking for you to become the next player in the game industry!

GamePro is a recruiting training program that aims to train and recruit 20 new talents for the Finnish game industry. This is the 10th GamePro program and through the previous programs over 200 people have already found their dream jobs in the game industry! GamePro is an F.E.C program organized by Saranen Consulting in collaboration with Neogames, Uusimaa Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Uusimaa) and TE Services (Labor Exchange).   

The Finnish game industry has seen a long period of growth and there is no end in sight. The Finnish game industry is among the biggest in Europe with around 3000 workers and a yearly turnover of around 2,5 billion euro with 95 percent of the turnover coming from abroad. It is a truly international industry and it has been the quickest growing branch of the entertainment business with steady growth. The industry faces a constant lack of professionals and Neogames has estimated that there is a yearly lack of almost 500 professionals. Therefore, GamePro is an industry-wide collaboration with a group of impressive gaming companies ready to recruit new talents. 

“GamePro program is great for those trying to get into the game industry but need a little push or additional training. The training covers just about every aspect of game development on a high level and is curated by industry veterans and experienced game developers.“

Haraldur Jónsson Junior Client-Side Developer, Dazzle Rocks



GamePro program aims to give you a chance to enter the Finnish game industry through training and on-the-job learning. The duration of the program is six months and includes 20-25 training days held by game industry professionals. The main goal of the program is to get employed in the Finnish game industry at the end of the program.  

Training days topics are: 

  • Game programming
  • Designing games
  • Game engines
  • Game mechanics and artificial intelligence
  • Game graphics
  • Game economy
  • Games marketing
  • User acquisition
  • Collecting and analyzing data 

What are the requirements? Can I apply? 

You can apply to this recruiting training program if you are currently unemployed or facing the prospect of unemployment, and your job search is active at Labor Exchange (TE Services).

In the game industry, professional requirements differ depending on the company and the role. For example, game programming requires a background in programming and game art requires talents in graphics. Your own game projects are a big plus. If you have a portfolio of your work available, please include a link to your profile. 

Training contract 

A training contract is signed for the period of the program. During the program, you will work in the company in real game projects and the normal company policies apply to you as well. During the program, you are entitled to a normal unemployment benefit as well as a tax-free maintenance benefit. 


The Recruiting Training Program is a labor policy education organized in cooperation with the ELY Center, TE Services and the Recruiting Companies. You can apply for the recruiting training program if you are currently unemployed or facing the prospect of unemployment, and your job search is active at TE Services (Labor Exchange).

This is how you apply

Check your eligibility for the program

You can apply to this recruiting program if you are currently unemployed or facing the prospect of unemployment, and your job search is active at TE Services (Labor Exchange).

Fill out your TE Services' application

Fill out the official application either online or at your local TE Services' office.  Take your time and fill out the application with care. Please note that the TE service application is in Finnish. You can fill in the application in English, except for the motivation part that has to be in Finnish.

Program number: 690819

Leave your application

Fill out your professional skills profile to Saranen

This profile will be a showcase of your expertise - let the recruiting companies know about your skills, work experience, and motivation too! Remember to include your portfolio to the profile.

Make your professional skills profile

Apply and enter the process

Please apply as soon as possible! The recruitment process has already started, and the companies are looking forward to your profile.  The final recruitment decision is made by the recruiting company and we will personally be in contact with everyone during the process.

Recruiting companies

Lightneer were founded in September 2015 by four ex-Rovians Lauri Konttori, Niklas Hed, Lauri Järvilehto and Peter Vesterbacka.

In 2018 we switched our focus to making hyper casual hit games, with rapid prototyping and market testing.

To be able to address a rapidly changing market we created a market first / market fast approach to game development.

Our world-class team takes the best concepts to market in just a handful of weeks from dozens of original ideas.

We look for strong marketability and high player engagement from the outset to help determine if games have hit potential.

Born in 2007 with the plan to bring interactive apps onto connected TVs, Wiztivi evolved to become a worldwide leader in conceiving and developing User Interfaces for TVs, set top boxes and companion devices. In 2016, Wiztivi took an important step forward by taking over the business of Gcluster Europe and becoming one of the market leaders in the Gaming On Demand. Today, Wiztivi is around 160 people battling to come up with augmented multiscreen User Experiences and cloud gaming services.


Frogmind is the developer of BADLAND series, the App Store iPad game of the year 2013. We are a game studio located in Helsinki, Finland, operating independently in a long-term partnership with Supercell. Our goal is simple: to develop and self-publish games with best possible gaming experience and high production values by small independent teams of talented game developers without managers.

Critical Force is an independent game studio.

We are a team of passionate creators who strive to make the best competitive games for mobile platforms. While focusing on online multiplayer, we put our best effort into making games that are fun to play on both casual and competitive levels. With exceptional attention to detail, we have a strong ambition to become market leaders in mobile game industry.

Playstack Helsinki is a new games team based in the heart of the Finnish capital. Made up of artists, programmers, UI/UX designers and led by Juha Huhtakallio. Juha is an industry veteran, formerly of Digital Chocolate, Housemarque and Kuuasema, and his team are working on a new, exciting product to bring to the mobile gaming space.

Multi-award winning Finnish mobile games developer. Founded in 2011. Small but elite team of veteran developers with a proven track record in the industry. Our games have over 35 million downloads across mobile, PC and console platforms.

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