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We believe that the right set of skills can unlock sustainable growth. We actively support jobseekers’ skill development and help organizations hire, grow, and work with talented people.

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A business’s competitive edge greatly relies on its employees’ ability to meet and exceed the latest market requirements.

Part of our mission is to listen to the market needs and tackle the shortage of experts with advanced
recruitment training programs to update workers’ digital skills.

Now, growing sometimes means having to make difficult decisions, such as layoffs. In such situations,
we offer coaching and training services that support both the company and the affected individuals.

Open recruitment training programs for job seekers

IT, Teknologia & Pelinkehitys

Code Bootcamp - Pohjanmaa

Application deadline: 30.9.2021 More info

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Code Bootcamp - Pohjanmaa

IT, Teknologia & Pelinkehitys — — Hakuaika päättyy 30.9.2021

Code the next chapter of your career and level up your skills through Code Bootcamp

Are you interested in coding and thinking how to make the most out of your skills and enthusiasm? Are you looking for way to get started on your programming career or thinking new ways on how to boost your skills to the next level? By applying to Code Bootcamp you’ll have the opportunity to level up your programming skills and accelerate your career in the direction you’re pursuing – all this in just 25 days.

Now, if ever, is the right time to learn more about programming. Read more, apply soon and code the next chapter of your career through Code Bootcamp!

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