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We believe that the right set of skills can unlock sustainable growth. We actively support jobseekers’ skill development and help organizations hire, grow, and work with talented people.

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A business’s competitive edge greatly relies on its employees’ ability to meet and exceed the latest market requirements.

Part of our mission is to listen to the market needs and tackle the shortage of experts with advanced
recruitment training programs to update workers’ digital skills.

Now, growing sometimes means having to make difficult decisions, such as layoffs. In such situations,
we offer coaching and training services that support both the company and the affected individuals.

Open recruitment training programs for job seekers

IT, Teknologia & Pelinkehitys — Uusimaa

Software Academy F.E.C

Application deadline: 15th of February 2021 More info

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Software Academy F.E.C

IT, Teknologia & Pelinkehitys — Uusimaa — Hakuaika päättyy 15th of February 2021

What the Dev? Start A New Job In Software & IT Industry And Boost Your Career!

Application period has ended!


Do you want to develop into a role that guarantees a job for a lifetime? Are you interested in software development, test automation and other job opportunities in the IT industry? Apply to Software Academy and boost your career as a software expert!

When markets face a change, the importance of software development, test automation and other ICT solutions rise to a whole new level. This digitalization has created a vast demand for software developers and test automation experts alike. Software Academy F.E.C program meets this ongoing demand by matching motivated future talents with growing businesses that have an increasing need for new software professionals.

Software Academy recruitment training program is targeted for unemployed international degree students and unemployed immigrants with background in ICT. To be eligible, foreign individuals must have a right to the public employment and business services i.e. TE Services.

Now is the perfect time to boost your talent - apply quickly and take your next step in Dev!

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