01.12.2023 — Participants' experiences

Becoming a coding talent of tomorrow through recruitment training


Sini Aalto and Nelson Makubuya Ntege found their dream jobs in the programming industry through a recruitment training programme. Recruitment training provided Sini, who has a master’s degree in chemistry, with a quick way to change fields. The programme also gave Nelson, who had studied information technology, a new boost for his career.

“I graduated with a master’s degree in chemistry and worked in the industry for five years before I started Saranen’s training programme. When I started working, I soon realised that working in a laboratory was not for me and I found myself hoping to work with computers. I started to practise coding on my own, but then I came across the Mimmit koodaa (“Women code”) recruitment training while scrolling though social media. At first, I thought I wouldn’t have the necessary skills to get accepted to the programme. Fortunately, I still took the opportunity; attending the training programme has been the best choice I’ve made in my career so far,” Sini says.


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Recruitment training programme – a quick way to change fields 

Sini was pleasantly surprised by the straightforward and efficient application process of the Mimmit koodaa recruitment training. The submission of the application was followed by an efficient round of interviews, after which Sini was offered a place in the training programme.

“Applying for the Mimmit koodaa recruitment training was very quick and effortless compared to more traditional job application processes. When I was applying for the programme, I was not expected at any stage of the process to be an expert; instead, my willingness to learn new things was the most important factor. Through recruitment training, I obtained a permanent job and, above all, the opportunity to build a career that reflects me in my dream industry,” Sini explains.


Comprehensive training courses dive deep into the world of coding

For Sini, recruitment training opened the doors to the fascinating programming industry. Thanks to the comprehensive nature of the training, people looking to change careers can easily grasp the basics of coding, after which their technical skills develop quickly as they complete practical tasks.

“Recruitment training gave me tremendous confidence for my future work life. I’m now more confident in myself and my competence than before, and I know that I don’t need to be the perfect expert to have a successful career. During the training programme, I established a lot of important contacts in the industry and I believe they will help me find work in the future. I recommend the Mimmit koodaa recruitment training for everyone because it’s the perfect combination of comprehensive training and practical work experience,” Sini says.

Watch the video to hear more about Sini’s and Nelson’s experiences!


Recruitment training offers versatile and up-to-date know-how in programming

Nelson Makubuya Ntege came from Uganda to Finland to study information technology. After graduation, finding permanent employment turned out to be more challenging than anticipated for Nelson, who mainly had fixed-term employment relationships. Nelson found a new boost for his career through Saranen’s recruitment training programme that offered the brand-new specialist an opportunity to expand his competence.

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“I saw an advertisement for recruitment training on the TE Services website and decided to apply for the training because the programme was aimed at unemployed or recently graduated programming professionals. After graduation, I had only worked fixed-term jobs, and so I hoped this would lead to permanent employment in the industry, In recruitment training, I had the opportunity to learn to utilise new technologies and develop my skills so that I became an even more attractive IT expert in the labour market,” Nelson says.


Recruitment training helps participants find their way in the complex IT industry

The training lasted a total of six months, after which Nelson found his dream job as a software developer. Nelson, a brand-new IT expert, had during the training programme the opportunity to diversify his programming skills, which ensured a strong start for his promising career in the world of coding.

“Recruitment training was an excellent starting point for my career. I’ve deepened my skills in testing and challenged myself with new technologies such as Python and DevOps. Staying on top of the trends and knowing a lot of different technologies is crucial for a software developer. I can recommend the recruitment training programme to other unemployed people and recent graduates, as it will help you advance in your career and get better job opportunities,” Nelson says.


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