01.12.2023 — Participants' experiences

HealthTech Academy opens the doors to the health technology industry!

Eeva-Kaisa Gustafsson
Eeva-Kaisa Gustafsson

The HealthTech Academy is a six-month recruitment training programme focused on health technology. Through it, Max Johansson and Minna Wesén were employed in their dream jobs in the health technology industry, which currently suffers from a shortage of professionals.

Refreshed careers through recruitment training

Minna Wesén had had a long career at the same company, and although there was nothing wrong with the job, Minna wanted to develop her career towards something new. Minna decided to apply for the HealthTech Academy because the notification she found on the YE Services website about the start of the application period sounded interesting and it was also the option closest to her field. 

Max Johansson had been working for a start-up company for several years when he became unemployed after the company’s funding ended. During his unemployment, Max came across an interesting advertisement about recruitment training related to health technology and decided to apply for the training.

Both Minna and Max have been extremely satisfied with their decision to apply for the programme.

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Application process for recruitment training can be surprisingly fast


Minna and Max both found the application process for the training programme easy and agile.

“The application process went really fast. I was invited to a video interview in the same week that I applied for the programme. I had two company interviews, and the second company told me immediately on the day of the interview that they wanted me to join their company,” Minna describes her successful application process.

Max, too, was asked to submit a video application soon after he had submitted his initial application. After submitting the application, Saranen’s Project Manager Iina Bergqvist called Max to talk more about his wishes. Soon after, Max received an invitation from LM-Dental. The company develops and manufactures things such as hand instruments and their accessories used in dentistry.

“I had an interview on Tuesday, and on Friday, I was told that the company was offering me a position through the training programme. Right at the interview stage, I had the feeling that this could be my thing. Everything went so fast that the process became a real whirlwind,” Max says.

Work at cooperative company went well from the start

Minna and Max have very similar experiences of how welcome they felt at their companies from the very beginning. Both of them had a mentor provided by the company, Minna even had two. One offered mentoring within the framework of the programme, the other as a support for the actual work.

“I feel that from the beginning, I was able to perform the same tasks as everyone else; I could jump in at the deep end. I feel like I belong with the others,” Minna says. Through the training programme, she was selected to work as a quality technician at Uniogen. Uniogen manufactures diagnostic tests, immunoassay reagents and laboratory equipment. Minna’s job description largely involves quality control and assurance. 

Max’s job description is also extensive, and during the six-month training programme his title has already advanced to R&D Quality Specialist. The employer noticed that Max’s skills were suitable for tasks even more challenging than those in the original plan. The current work tasks are appropriately challenging for Max and he could not be happier with his job. 

“This has all been a bit like a match made in heaven,” says Max.

HealthTech Academy brought not only employment but friendship as well

When you talk with Minna and Max, it becomes apparent that they know each other well. The two got to know each other during the training programme as the training group of the HealthTech Academy grew close. Even though the training programme has already been completed, the group still meets regularly. Minna and Max have found the peer support within the group valuable.

Minna encourages anyone who wants to learn new things and introduce new aspects to their career to apply for recruitment training. Max in turn highlights how the recruitment training programme can help people who have the motivation and willingness to learn but who have not yet met the right employer.

“Another good target group is, naturally, people looking to change careers. Health technology cannot be studied at any school, and there is no direct education for the industry. This training teaches you the regulation and legislation required in the industry,” Max explains.

Minna and Max also want to give good feedback on the trainers of the programme. In Minna’s opinion, the trainers were first-rate professionals who clearly knew their industry. Max also praises the trainers. Some of the content of the training programme truly became accessible to Minna and Max only after the training.


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