Outplacement – staff reduction and change security

We help organizations with co-operation negotiations when employees need to be laid off or reintegrated into new roles. We complete this process while respecting the individual and supporting management.

Effective support for change

Adjustments and subsequent co-operation negotiations often affect the entire company.
Ensuring a smooth process helps both those who will move on as a result of staff reductions as well as the company itself. Staff reductions do not only affect laid-off employees; many supervisors and HR representatives indicate that redundancies following co-operation negotiations are the most strenuous moments of their careers. Shop stewards and workers remaining in the company also need support.

In times of change, employees are likely to share their concerns about how their work will be affected in the future, and how their colleagues who have been made redundant will be taken care of.

Saranen is your partner and will be there to help you through significant transformations. If need be, we can manage the coordination of transformation services and partners.

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Our services – customized services according to the change situation

We support our customers in a broad variety of working life changes and in situations requiring reorganization.
Each staff reduction situation is different. We always design transformation service projects together with you and provide you with the design of the entire program, project management, coaching, and training content, as well as the best partners for implementing the change.

We work by prioritizing individuals, whether the change affects the working lives of a little group of people or hundreds of employees. Employability, innovation, and the model of continuous development are at the core of our service design.

We actively measure our results and are agile when it comes to amending the way we work to make our participants’ career aspirations come true. We always handle situations involving dismissal with dignity, supporting the dismissed person, as well as supervisors, no matter the reason for the dismissal.

We help companies with issues including:

  • We support the smooth implementation and coordination of staff reduction and change situations.
  • During co-operation negotiations, we effectively guide the reemployment of laid-off staff.
  • We train managers to best approach and handle staff reductions and organizational changes.
  • We support companies in executive outplacement and career services.
  • We train the remaining staff so that they can continue their work efficiently.

Working with us, your organization will meet the legal requirements for change security, which entails support for the rapid reemployment of those made redundant.

We also act as a partner in transformation programs that are more extensive than the legal requirements to provide the best support for anyone affected by organizational changes.


How does our transformation service work for individuals?

We believe that the best way to promote the reemployment of an individual is a combination of the following services:

1. Personal coaching

Individual support for addressing one's situation, thinking and implementing a goal, assessing motivation, and effectively assisting in the job search.

  • Career coaching for employees and experts: rapid reemployment coaching
  • Executive Coaching: individual career coaching of supervisors and managers
If necessary, Barona's working life and employment skills services will also be used for support.

2. Developing job search skills and peer support

We provide practical methods to ensure a modern, consistent, and successful job search. These are the cornerstones of one’s successful job search, which, we believe, will also benefit all professionals later in their working life.

  • Group-based coaching and workshops either on a company-by-company basis or through the national SC Career Campus.
  • Online job search coaching content and courses where the coaching topics include:
    • Identifying and selling your own expertise
    • CV and job application
    • LinkedIn and other social media platforms for jobseekers
    • Hidden jobs
    • Success in a job interview
    • Video presentation and CV
    • Age and experience as trump cards in the job search
    • Alternative pathways to working life.


3. Recruitment cooperation and labor market information

We actively utilize both our own network and Barona's recruitment needs to promote the employment of those benefiting from our coaching services. We inform applicants of the current recruitment needs we’re aware of. Similarly, we share tips about potential candidates directly with companies trying to hire. Our many recruitment activities and events allow us to meet regularly with many organizations, which greatly helps us to understand their recruitment needs and challenges.

Our recruitment activities include:

  • Active cooperation with Barona's various industries, e.g. Barona IT, Logistics, Commerce and Customer Service, Sales, HR and Finance and Industry
  • Cooperation with recruiting companies: info, fairs, other recruitment events at SC Career Campus
  • Recruitment training programs as a gateway to a new career

4. Competence development

Updating and certifying skills helps people with long careers behind them to take the next step in their work-life. Developing new skills is a way to update one's expertise, demonstrate motivation for learning and self-development, and create attractive added value for a future employer. This is supported by organizing training sessions in specific areas suffering from skills-shortage.

With us, you have access to:

  • Training in technology and business skills to promote employment: classroom and/or online training
  • An extensive and high-quality network of trainer partners.

How can we help your company?

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