01.06.2019 — Koulutusohjelmat osallistujakokemukset

GamePro participant reference: Haraldur Jónsson

Saranen Consulting

GamePro program is great for those trying to get in to the game industry but need a little push or additional training. The training covers just about every aspect of game development on a high level, and is curated by industry veterans and experienced game developers.

My background was a 3D multimedia education, some freelancing in mobile game development and that definitely helped me during the program and still does today.

Through the program I got a job which I love. I learn new things every day and get to hone my skills as a developer.

I think an applicant of GamePro should be expected to be agile and learn fast, be ready for new things and to step out of their comfort zone, they can expect getting to know a versatile crowd of people and having a great time!

Haraldur Jónsson
Junior Client Side Developer
Dazzle Rocks