03.05.2019 — Rekrytoiva koulutusohjelma

GamePro participant reference: Magali-Claire Boehrer

Saranen Consulting

Personally, I had nothing but great experiences with GamePro. Even when the subject matter was not directly related to my field, I learned so many valuable things. The best part was getting to know the people, my peers, who now are on their way to become industry veterans themselves.

I recommend the program to anyone who has a passion for creating video games, or highly skilled individuals (in art, programming, marketing…) who want a new challenge. The gaming industry is not only fun but extremely supportive, so creative minds will flourish.

My background is in Art and Design, and I used my skills from beginning to end, improving a lot during this journey. The program got me my first job in the Finnish gaming industry, the courses on design and game ideas were very useful and I still use some elements in my current job today (ie, keeping a certain familiarity to elements, not go full out weird, being able to communicate with the programmers and designers efficiently).

Applicants shouldn’t be intimidated by the program, the application form might seem daunting but most of what counts is the portfolio and interview. Take advantage of the classes, get to know your teachers and make as many genuine connections with people as possible.

Magali-Claire Boehrer
Game Artist
Polka Dot Studio