Salesforce Academy

Boost your career to become a business or tech-oriented CRM specialist

Are you ready to become the next CRM specialist? Land a new job through Salesforce Academy!

Do you want to develop into a role that offers new career opportunities and a job from a rapidly booming industry? Are you eager to boost your skills in cloud-based IT solutions, sales, commerce, service or marketing? If the answer is yes, Salesforce Academy is your opportunity to take the fast lane and boost your career as a CRM talent.

In the midst of today’s fast-evolving markets, the importance of new CRM talents has become ever more vital. Salesforce Academy recruitment training program meets ongoing demand by matching motivated future Salesforce Ecosystem talents with growing businesses that have an increasing need for new professionals. The goal of the program is to improve participants' competencies on the job market and to recruit them after the program. This is already the sixth Salesforce Academy to be organized, and through previous programs, over 130 people have found their new career paths in more than 70 companies. Maybe you will be the next one in line?

Salesforce Academy is a recruitment training program organized by Saranen in collaboration with Salesforce, ELY-keskus Uusimaa (Uusimaa Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment) and TE-palvelut (Labor Exchange). 

Salesforce Academy offers a unique way to build a career as a CRM expert

Salesforce Academy provides a great way for people with different backgrounds to find and start a new job through expert training that supports your new role. The 6-month program will consist of 20-25 expert-led training days providing you a wide understanding of different Salesforce platform capabilities focusing on Sales, Service and Marketing clouds. Your main focus will be on growing into your new role, at real projects in one of the program’s many partnering companies.


One key element of the training is to prepare participants to pass the highly valued Salesforce Admin certification. By carrying out the Admin certification, you’ll get a broader knowledge of customizing Salesforce, regularly configuring the platform, managing users, and looking for ways to get more out of its features and capabilities. This certification serves as a backbone of your expertise.

Companies are looking for new talents for various job opportunities

There are plenty of career opportunities in the program for different backgrounds. Professional requirements differ depending on the company and the role. You don’t necessarily have to already be an expert to apply – the point of the program is to help you grow into your new role!

Through Salesforce Academy, recruiting companies are searching for future experts for various business development roles, as well as for technical specialist roles. Through the program you can find yourself working, for example, as a:

  • Salesforce Admin
  • Salesforce Consultant (tech or business oriented)
  • Salesforce Developer
  • Salesforce Training Specialist
  • Marketing Cloud Specialist
  • Pardot Specialist

You can apply to this recruiting training program if you are currently unemployed or facing the prospect of unemployment, and your job search is active at Labor Exchange (TE-palvelut).

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Project Specialist
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Companies are looking for various backgrounds – can you recognize yourself in ANY of these?

You have a desire to learn new skills and technologies


Above all, the most important criteria is to have the desire and motivation to develop your own skills and grow into an expert in CRM tasks and in Salesforce.

Background in business OR techology


You might have a technical or business background (in engineering, IT, commerce, marketing, service design, etc.) through your work experience, education, interests or other related projects.

Business development inspires you


You are interested in developing sales, customer relationship management, services or marketing processes. 

Previous CRM or ERP experience


You might already have experience of CRM or ERP platforms and you are familiar with e.g. SAP, Dynamics, Oracle.

But more than anything else, your most important asset when applying is the desire to develop into a Salesforce expert, as well as your motivation to grow your professional skills. Thus, you don’t necessarily have to be an expert at the application stage, and you don’t need previous experience in the Salesforce Ecosystem. Our objective is to find you a role that fits your background and interest the best possible.

Salesforce Academy in a nutshell

Uplift skills to your new job in 6 months

More than just an education. Salesforce Academy combines new tasks and expert training into one package. In addition to the job you aiming for, you will also invest in your own skills in the longer term and increase your expertise in the skills that employers are competing for.

The main goal of the training is to employ you in our partner company at the end of the 6-month program. Statistically, 85 % of trainees are hired at the end of a recruitment training program in the previous Salesforce Academy programs.

Over a six-month period, you will also get to know the work community and final work assignments in advance, so you have all the right tools to succeed in your future role.

Työsopimus -uusi työ
Find a position that suits you

Salesforce Academy gives a chance to influence the direction of your career and what your next role might look like. We are looking to match you with a role that best supports your background, skills and interests. 

Useita rooleja tarjolla
Top-quality level training

During the program, you will receive top-quality training from industry experts. Lessons will support you in your new work role. In the six-month period, there will be a total of about 20-25 training days. Previous Salesforce Academy participants have been very pleased with the training and rated it 4.3 /5!

The program is free of charge for participants.

The main content of the training program:

  • Introduction to Salesforce
  • Administration essentials
  • Salesforce Administration certification
  • Insight to Analytics And Data
  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Pardot
  • Understanding the capabilities of Salesforce Platform: building no-code / low-code app
  • Test automation in Salesforce platform
One application – many possibilities

Saranen’s competence profile works as a calling card for all the partner companies in the Salesforce program. So let your skills, background, and especially, motivation come through in your profile! At Saranen, we support you during the application process and look for job opportunities that match your profile among the partner companies.

Our goal is to find the role that best supports your skills and career development!

Oikea tekijä

Participant testimonials

Hakeuduin Salesforce Academyyn alanvaihtajana. Ohjelma oli minusta erinomainen kokemus; mukaan mahtui kouluttajavetoisia kurssipäiviä, itseopiskelua ja käytännön työskentelyä partneriyrityksessä. Academyn aikana suorittamani Salesforce-sertifioinnit auttoivat mittaamaan osaamiseni tasoa, ja ”sertit” ovat myös arvostettuja alan työnantajien keskuudessa.

Academyn lopussa Accenture tarjosi minulle työpaikkaa Salesforce-konsulttina ja valinta oli helppo. Ala on kaiken kaikkiaan erittäin mielenkiintoinen ja osaajista on kysyntää. Urapolkuja on monenlaisia, ja kun se omalta tuntuva juttu löytyy, on tärkeää olla myös itse aktiivinen oman kehittymisensä kanssa – kysyvä ei tieltä eksy!

-Juha Makkonen, Business & Integration Architecture Senior Analyst, Accenture

Salesforce Academy exceeded my expectations in every way. I started my dream job at Avaus and immediately got into Salesforce work together with my new colleagues. If you are interested in Salesforce, I definitely want to encourage you to apply for Salesforce Academy. While learning how to use a new software, you create an excellent network of other SF experts and immediately get to try the things you learned during training in practice. 

Read more here!


-Tuija Sihvo, Project Manager, Avaus Marketing Innovations Oy

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Program Info and Schedule

Program schedule: 15.12.-14.6.2022

Application period: 18.10.-15.11.2021

Language: English skills are a must, as the training sessions will be carried out in English.

The main content of the training program:

  • Introduction to Salesforce
  • Administration essentials
  • Salesforce Administration certification
  • Insight to Analytics And Data
  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Pardot
  • Understanding the capabilities of Salesforce Platform: building no-code / low-code app
  • Test automation in Salesforce platform

The program is free of charge for participants.

Choosing for recruitment training requires that we find a suitable partnering company for you. The training is carried out in close co-operation with the ELY-keskus Uusimaa (Uusimaa Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment) and TE-palvelut (Labor Exchange), Salesforce and Saranen.

A jobseeker participating in the training is paid for the period of the training with the unemployment benefit to which he/she is entitled when unemployed, as well as an expense allowance.

You can get more information about financial support during the training from the Labor Line Education Advice service on 0295 020 713 or

How to apply

1. Fill out the TE-palvelut application

You can apply for the Salesforce Academy recruiting training program if you are unemployed or at risk of unemployment. Also, make sure that your job search in TE-Palvelut is valid.

Pre-selection for the training is made on the basis of the information from the TE-palvelut application, so be sure to justify your application carefully. Training number: 702305

2. Fill out your skills profile to Saranen

Please fill out your professional skills profile to Saranen. This profile will be your calling card for recruiting companies. 

Make sure you fill both applications carefully! We’ll start interviewing the potential candidates already during the application period – so apply quickly!

In co-operation