Remedy – GamePro
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Remedy Entertainment Plc is a globally successful console and PC game company founded in 1995 and based in Espoo, Finland. We’re known for cinematic blockbuster action games such as Quantum Break, Alan Wake and Max Payne, which break media boundaries and push the envelope of 3D character technology, storytelling and visual effects. Remedy is currently working on supernatural action-adventure game Control, which launches August 27th 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Black Block -GamePro
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Black Block is a small group of games industry veterans on a mission to bring massive, persistent open worlds to mobile. This is a chance to come in at the ground level and join us on a wild adventure to make the world a better place.

We’re looking for flexible, ambitious, self-motivated people. Games industry experience is less important than the right kind of skills and attitude.

We’re interested in finding candidates for the following roles:
• Client Programmer
• Server Programmer
• 3D Artist

Motorious – GamePro
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Motorious Entertainment is a mobile gaming startup with focus on leveraging brands to create world class mobile games. We’ve already released a game based on the BBC show Top Gear and are working on other upcoming exiting titles. Our location within the Helsinki Games Factory guarantees, that you’ll be right where the action is!

Through the GamePro program, we are looking for candidates to the following roles:

  • Game Programmer
  • Game Artist

GamePro osallistujan kokemus: Magali-Claire Boehrer
6.11.2018 | Moduli tekstillä ja artikkelikuvalla

Personally, I had nothing but great experiences with GamePro. Even when the subject matter was not directly related to my field, I learned so many valuable things. The best part was getting to know the people, my peers, who now are on their way to become industry veterans themselves.

I recommend the program to anyone who has a passion for creating video games, or highly skilled individuals (in art, programming, marketing…) who want a new challenge. The gaming industry is not only fun but extremely supportive, so creative minds will flourish.

My background is in Art and Design, and I used my skills from beginning to end, improving a lot during this journey. The program got me my first job in the Finnish gaming industry, the courses on design and game ideas were very useful and I still use some elements in my current job today (ie, keeping a certain familiarity to elements, not go full out weird, being able to communicate with the programmers and designers efficiently).

Applicants shouldn’t be intimidated by the program, the application form might seem daunting but most of what counts is the portfolio and interview. Take advantage of the classes, get to know your teachers and make as many genuine connections with people as possible.

Magali-Claire Boehrer

Game Artist, Polka Dot Studio

GamePro rekrytoiva yritys: POLKADOT
5.11.2018 | Moduli tekstillä ja artikkelikuvalla

Polka Dot Studio is mobile games studio that blends women’s fashion with mobile games.  Our first title, Fashion Stylist, is like Instagram made into a game: the same addictive and social experience as Instagram, but with robust free-to-play economy.

We are a diverse and passionate team. We are interested in following candidates to join our team:

  • – Game Designer
  • – 2D Artist

GamePro osallistujan kokemus: HARALDUR JONSSON
1.11.2018 | Moduli tekstillä ja artikkelikuvalla

GamePro program is great for those trying to get in to the game industry but need a little push or additional training. The training covers just about every aspect of game development on a high level, and is curated by industry veterans and experienced game developers.

My background was a 3D multimedia education, some freelancing in mobile game development and that definitely helped me during the program and still does today.

Through the program I got a job which I love. I learn new things every day and get to hone my skills as a developer.

I think an applicant of GamePro should be expected to be agile and learn fast, be ready for new things and to step out of their comfort zone, they can expect getting to know a versatile crowd of people and having a great time!

Haraldur Jónsson

Junior Client Side Developer, Dazzle Rocks

GamePro yhteyshenkilöt Mira Tapiola Laura Kyntäjä
31.10.2018 | Moduli jossa yhteyshenkilö

Contact us!

GamePro rekrytoiva yritys: FUTUREPLAY
15.10.2018 | Moduli tekstillä ja artikkelikuvalla

At Futureplay, we’re a bunch of free-spirited, accomplished pros who believe in playfulness and fast shipping. We started our mobile gaming company in 2015 and have already successfully launched five games worldwide. And there are plenty more to come.

Through the GamePro program, we are interested in looking at candidates to the following role:

  • Game Programmer

13.9.2018 |

GamePro is a recruitment training program organized by Saranen Consulting in collaboration with Neogames and Google. The program has been held eight times before with excellent results. Through the previous programs 190 people have already found their dream jobs in the games industry!

The aim of the GamePro program is to find new talents for the Finnish game industry.


The Finnish games industry has seen a long period of growth and there is no end in sight. The industry faces a constant lack of professionals and e.g. Neogames has estimated that there is a yearly lack of about 280 professionals.

The Finnish games industry is among the biggest in Europe with around 3000 workers and a yearly turnover of around 2,5 billion euros with 95 percent of the turnover coming from abroad. It is a truly international industry and it has been the quickest growing branch of entertainment business with a steady growth even in more trying times.

GamePro is an industry-wide collaboration of the Finnish games industry. Again, a group of impressive gaming companies are looking for new talents.

You can find an up-to-date listing of recruiting companies and roles on this site.


GamePro aims to give you a chance to enter the Finnish games industry through training and on-the-job learning. The duration of the program is six months and includes 20 training days held by industry veterans. The main goal of the program is an employment contract in the Finnish game industry at the end of the program.

Training days include e.g. the following topics:

  • Game programming
  • Designing games
  • Game engines
  • Game mechanics and artificial intelligence
  • Game graphics
  • Game economy
  • User acquisition
  • Games marketing
  • Collecting and analyzing data

What are the requirements? Can I apply?

Different tasks and companies have very different requirements. Game programming requires you to have background in programming and game art requires you to have talents in graphics. Other roles differ quite a lot and e.g. Growth Hacker related roles usually require either marketing or analytics skills. Own game projects are a big plus. If you have a portfolio of your work available, please include a link in your application.

You can apply to this recruitment program if you are currently unemployed, facing the prospect of unemployment or on a temporary employment contract and your job search is active at TE Services (Labor Exchange).

Training contract

A training contract is signed for the period of the program. During the program, you will work in the company in real game projects and the normal company policies apply to you as well. During the program, you are entitled to a normal unemployment benefit as well as a tax-free maintenance benefit.

Apply now!

GamePro rekrytoiva yritys: WIZTIVI
21.2.2018 | Moduli tekstillä ja artikkelikuvalla

Wiztivi Gaming Oy based in Espoo is a pack of gaming enthusiasts aiming at providing a state of the art cloud gaming service to the major European operating companies. The everyday focus is on providing a well-functioning portal for cloud gaming, advance game porting frameworks for publishers and studios, as well as a first-class user experience for the end-users. Currently the game catalogue consists of over two hundred AAA and casual games and the service is receiving excellent appraisals in the market place, e.g. Paris Games Week.

French mother company, Wiztivi SAS, is a worldwide leader in designing and creating interactive services for connected TVs, set top boxes and mobile devices. The company is based both in Paris and Nantes.

Through the GamePro program, we are interested in looking at candidates to the following roles:

  • System QA Engineer
  • Game testing

GamePro rekrytoiva yritys: Musopia
14.2.2018 | Moduli tekstillä ja artikkelikuvalla

You – music lover! Wanna turn your passion to a career? Based in Helsinki, Finland, Musopia Ltd is a mobile app development studio dedicated to creating fresh and innovative music software. FourChords Guitar Karaoke, Ukeoke Ukulele Karaoke And Justin Guitar Beginner Course are the first Apple Featured apps from this team of guitar enthusiasts and IT professionals. Our main markets are US, UK and Australia and we are partnering with leading music equipment manufacturers and education organisations.

GamePro rekrytoiva yritys: NITRO GAMES
14.2.2018 | Moduli tekstillä ja artikkelikuvalla

Nitro Games is a free-to-play mobile game developer and publisher with a decade of experience in developing games for the mid-core user segment, mostly focusing on the genre of strategy games. The Company focuses on producing games with high production value and high revenue potential for smartphones and tablets. With Nitro Games’ powerful NG Platform and NG MVP-process, the Company is able to do market validation with new game prototypes after only a week of development. The latest release is Medals of War for iOS and Android. Historically, Nitro Games has developed games such as East India Company, Commander: Conquest of the Americas, Pirates of Black Cove and Raids of Glory. Nitro Games’ shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Stockholm with the ticker NITRO. Nitro Games has offices in Kotka and in Helsinki.

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