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Do you want to develop into a role that guarantees a job for a lifetime? Are you interested in software development, test automation and other job opportunities in the ICT industry? Apply to Software Academy and boost your career as a software expert!

All our services will be conducted 100% digitally for the time being – you can still apply to the program normally and the recruiting process is moving forward as we speak!

Now is the perfect time to boost your talent

When markets face a change, the importance of software development, test automation and other ICT solutions rise to a whole new level. This digitalization has created a vast demand for software developers and test automation experts alike. Software Academy F.E.C training program meets this ongoing demand by matching motivated future talents with growing businesses that have an increasing need for new software professionals. Now is the perfect time to boost your talent.

Open positions for recent graduates and experienced IT developers

If you are interested in starting or continuing your career as a software expert while boosting your talents at the same time, Software Academy training program is just for you. Through Software Academy, you can find yourself working, for example, as a:

  • Web Developer
  • Test Automation Engineer
  • Frontend Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Full-Stack Developer

During the training program you will study alongside other top candidates and work as a specialist in an expert company where you can enhance your skills. The main goal of the Academy is an employment contract between you and the recruiting cooperation company at the end of the recruitment program.

Your most important asset when applying is the desire to develop into a software expert, as well as your motivation to enhance your own professional skills. Thus, you don’t necessarily have to be an expert at the application stage – our objective is to find you a role that fits your background and interests the best possible way.

Are you the future talent we are looking for?

The program suits both recent graduates at the start of their careers, and people with more experience from the IT and software industry. Experience gained via software-related hobbies is also beneficial. Some background in web development, coding or test automation is highly appreciated in the recruiting companies. This training program is part of the Talent Boost – International talents boosting growth program of the Finnish Government.

The program is mainly directed at unemployed international degree students who have recently graduated from a university in the capital region. Unemployed immigrants or immigrants under the threat of unemployment who have a university degree from another country and have relevant work experience in their field of expertise, can also be accepted to the program. The program is also suitable for immigrants living in Finland because of their spouse’s work, or Finnish citizens moving back to Finland from abroad. To be eligible, foreign individuals must have a right to the public employment and business services i.e. TE Services.

Applicants must have completed their Bachelor, Master or PhD degree in computer sciences or information technologies. Full-time students cannot be selected. All participants need to have sufficient mastery of English, as the program will be delivered in English.

Comprehensive specialist training

Software Academy training program combines work and software specialist training into one package. The main goal of the Academy is an employment contract between you and the recruiting cooperation company at the end of the recruitment program. The six-month training program begins 8/6/2020 and lasts until 30/11/2020.

The subjects of the program will be tailored so that you can succeed in your new role the best possible way. Your training program may include for example the following topics: scripting languages, web technologies, DevOps, web development, databases, back end (Java) and test automation (Robot framework).

 Many good reasons to apply to Software Academy

  • You will get to develop and enhance your skills through high-quality training and practical work experience in a six-month program (8/6/2020 - 30/11/2020)
  • You will get 23 days of comprehensive, expert-led classroom training and a license to an online-learning platform
  • You will get to work with interesting tasks and projects in your cooperation company, and to develop your skills through practical application
  • You will have the chance to be hired permanently after the program. On average 85 % of participants in Saranen´s recruitment training program get employed after the program

Do you want to hear more about the program?

Please contact Project Coordinator Samuel Leivo. The best way to reach Samuel is by e-mail ( or by phone (050 414 3304).

Apply to Software Academy now – the application process has already started!


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