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GamePro is a recruitment training program organized by Saranen Consulting in collaboration with Neogames and Suomen Pelinkehittäjät ry  (Finnish Game Developer Studios Association). The program has been held eight times before with excellent results. Through the previous programs 190 people have already found their dream jobs in the games industry!

The aim of the GamePro program is to find new talents for the Finnish game industry.


The Finnish Game Industry faces a constant lack of professionals. In their latest study ”Finnish Game Industry 2018”, Neogames has estimated that Finnish game developer studios are looking to recruit over 500 game industry professionals in next 12-18 months.

The Finnish games industry is among the biggest in Europe with around 3200 workers and a yearly turnover of around 2,1 billion euros with 98 percent of the turnover coming from abroad. It is a truly international industry with 27% of employees from abroad and for years it has been the quickest growing branch of global entertainment l business.

GamePro is an industry-wide collaboration of the Finnish games industry. Again, a group of impressive gaming companies are looking for new talents.

You can find an up-to-date listing of recruiting companies and roles on this site.


GamePro aims to give you a chance to enter the Finnish games industry through training and on-the-job learning. The duration of the program is six months and includes 20 training days held by industry veterans. The main goal of the program is an employment contract in the Finnish game industry at the end of the program.

Training days include e.g. the following topics:

  • Game programming
  • Designing games
  • Game engines
  • Game mechanics and artificial intelligence
  • Game graphics
  • Game economy
  • User acquisition
  • Games marketing
  • Collecting and analyzing data

What are the requirements? Can I apply?

Different tasks and companies have very different requirements. Game programming requires you to have background in programming and game art requires you to have talents in graphics. Other roles differ quite a lot and e.g. Growth Hacker related roles usually require either marketing or analytics skills. Own game projects are a big plus. If you have a portfolio of your work available, please include a link in your application.

You can apply to this recruitment program if you are currently unemployed, facing the prospect of unemployment or on a temporary employment contract and your job search is active at TE Services (Labor Exchange).

Training contract

A training contract is signed for the period of the program. During the program, you will work in the company in real game projects and the normal company policies apply to you as well. During the program, you are entitled to a normal unemployment benefit as well as a tax-free maintenance benefit.

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